IM PLAYIN’s Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas is a time for getting families together and for Christians, remembering their Lord and Saviour. It’s also a time for giving – and here at IM PLAYIN, we’re eagerly waiting to see what games we’re getting for Christmas. Here’s our lists of gaming related items that we want for Christmas.

Alecs Pilik

I don’t want a lot for Christmas,
There is just one thing I need …
It’s for DayZ to be released on the Xbox One. I think that’s a bit of a long shot though, considering that it’s not yet been fully released on the PC. I guess, if I were to really rack my brain, I’d have to ask for Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One. It really does look incredible, but until I’ve completed the games that I have at the moment, I can’t quite justify spending 50-odd quid on the new title (hint, hint, Santa). Either that, or a brand spanking new, 40″ fully HD monster of a TV … yeah, actually, that please.


Steam Winter Sale. Just sayin’. So many great titles from names both big and small for a huge bargain, yet i’m a little shy on the old $$$ front right now, so a Steam voucher would go down an absolute treat. I’m actually out of the country until January 8th so I think the one thing I want more right now is Bernard’s Watch. I want to pause that little sucker and put some solid hours into DayZ and Battlefield 4, but alas I cannot. My girlfriend won’t even let me take my laptop on holiday so i’m completely lost on that front. Wish me luck!


As the only console orientated gamer in IM PLAYIN without an Xbox One or PS4, what I would like for Christmas is a next gen console. I know right, I still don’t have one (and I call myself a gamer). After seeing all the swish new things that they are bringing to the table; the new titles, better graphics and just wanting to be a part of the next generation really, feeling a little left out I’ll admit. Although I have a slight feeling that I might well have a PS4 with Killzone on the way from Santa, if so, yipeee! So if I get that, I can’t really ask for more really, because that would just be plain greedy… But in saying that, I wouldn’t mind owning beasty PC with the Occulus Rift, getting to mess about on that earlier in the year was wicked!


I’ll be that guy – All I want for Christmas, Santa, is to Cure World Hunger! Now I’m in your good books, I’ll tell you what I’d like. Firstly, I love sports games, and despite having FIFA on my Xbox One, I’d really love Madden to pad out my sports titles list a bit more. Secondly, I rarely play driving games, but for the first time, I’ve found myself struggling to resist buying one of the two titles, Forza v or Need For Speed. Need For Speed looks graphically excellent, as does Forza, but for me, to buy a driving game, an Arcade style racing game does not quite hit the mark as much as a proper simulation racing experience – unless that arcade game is Burnout.

ThinkBad Monkey

Having had my PS4 for around a month now, I have had a chance to play the games and really give the tech a good old test. One thing that I am looking forward to grabbing this crimbo is the PlayStation camera. Now, this is not to film my own porn shows, although the thought had crossed my mind… But seriously, I am looking forward to unlocking even more features that I can have a play around with, including the playroom and all the voice commands.

As well as console bits and bobs, I never turn my nose up at an iTunes voucher. There have been so many great mobile games released this year, that it would be great to be able to dive in to that wealth of content without spending a penny!

Let us know what you’re hoping for or have already opened from Santa. Another game for the collection? Or a new console to start a new era in your gaming adventure?