IM PLAYIN Podcast Episode 9 – Inventing a fork to eat soup

Welcome to Episode 9 of the IM PLAYIN Podcast!

This week on the sofa is Thinkbad Monkey, Romnomnom and guest Podcaster MuddyMod Rob.

As usual we talk about what games we’ve been playing this week, and they might not be what you would expect! We also have a dissuasion around Sony’s new VR headset (Project Morpheus) and also their new infer red eye scanners.

In a unique opportunity, we talk to MuddyMod Rob about why he is yet to get a next gen console and what it would take to get him to switch.

Catch all that and more, right here!

As always, please get in touch to tell us your views or to let us know what you think about any of the topics we have discussed!

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