IM PLAYIN Podcast Episode 25 – Improvised Into

Welcome to the IM PLAYIN Podcast Episode 25!

Can you believe it that we have made 25 podcasts already? Well neither can we considering the questionable talent we have to work with. But regardless of us babbling one for hours of your life we are proud to welcome you to this latest instalment.

Taking a seat on the sofa (an actual sofa this time) is Romnomnom, Kailios and ThinkBad Monkey. This week, as well as an incredible improvised into, sang by the panel this week, we have more talks about the games we have been playing as well as the latest news from the industry.

Some of the big topics this week include the release of the Xbox One in Japan, the announcement that we will be treated to a brand new 3DS sooner rather than later and we have a good chat about what we thought of the NHL demo.

So sit back, relax and listen to some audible chocolate.