IM PLAYIN Podcast Episode 16 – Sweet Sixteen

Welcome to Episode 16 of the IM PLAYIN Podcast!

We get the whole gang back together for this Sweet Sixteen of the IM PLAYIN Podcast. As always we kick of with the games we have been PLAYIN, including Titan Attacks, The Walking Dead and Lego Marvel.

In this special podcast we also take a look at some of the big name games that have been announced recently including Halo 5 and Farcry 4 and most importantly Glorious Leader, a game where you can play as Kim Jong-Un!

But the main feature of this podcast is our special topic: What games have got you to play a genre or what games have got you back into the genre? We talk about everything from COD, WOW and Child of light.


Listen in to find out.

As always, please get in touch to tell us your views or to let us know what you think about any of the topics we have discussed!

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