IM PLAYIN, on a PS Vita

I have a PS4.  It’s good, but there aren’t that many great life-sapping games available for it yet. Warframe keeps me busy from time to time and I collect things in Killzone: Shadowfall when I’m not suffering from cheap deaths (stepping into a puddle and dying is cheap). I’m looking forward to trying out the FFXIV beta and further ahead I’m excited to see how Destiny and Tom Clancy’s: The Division work out. But in the meantime? I’m a gamer, I need to keep my addiction fed.

I have plenty of choices. The Xbox 360 certainly isn’t dead yet with Fable Anniversary coming out shortly and as usual I feel a bit guilty about my 100-odd game backlog scattered across several platforms, but I really wanted to max out my PS4’s potential so I splashed out on one of the ‘old’ PS Vitas with the 5″ OLED screen, 10 games and a 16GB Memory Card. I got a decent deal too, £149 all in, brand new and delivered.  It pays to shop around, and thank you for a great deal.

The 10 free games instantly filled up the 16GB card so I had to delete a few to grab my PS Plus Membership extras which included Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, GTA: Liberty City Stories and Guacamelee. I also splashed out on Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (the remake of the excellent PS2 original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness but with a lot of extras thrown in).

So currently I’m getting down and dirty with Wipeout 2048. Playing it on a 5″ screen takes a bit of getting used to but it works just as well as the PS2 versions of the franchise, just with no slowdown whatsoever even in multiplayer games.  That in itself is impressive, I’ll always miss you, SCE Liverpool. Equally impressive are the production values in Uncharted, it’s my first dip into the franchise because I never owned a PS3, and I’m delighted because it’s surprisingly immersive on that little screen. Finally Disgaea. The ultimate life-sapper with the added bonus that you can take it just one dungeon at a time, forever. So great for short bursts of gaming or long days on end as long as you keep the Vita hooked up to the charger.

The Vita has basically allowed me the freedom to rebuild a fantastic catalogue of Sony titles from my long forgotten gaming past. Whilst it offers both remote play and second screen functions for my PS4, those are the only combined features I’ve discovered so far, so Sony might need to do a bit more work to convince PS4 owners that a Vita purchase really is worthwhile.

But for me it does the job of filling a gaming gap on its own, the Vita is a great piece of gaming kit with a huge choice of games to buy and then add to the never-ending backlog of fantastic games left unplayed.  I’m so delighted I’ve even ordered what I consider to be a must have accessory, the 64GB Vita Memory Card, although the Sony proprietary memory card decision does leave a bit of a bad taste. Again, there are good deals out there especially if the Pound is strong against the Chinese currency!