IM PLAYIN my Challenge – NHL 15 – Leafs @ Team GB

Hi guys, welcome to the first in a series of posts of challenges that members of IM PLAYIN will be doing. The challenges will be from other members of IM PLAYIN and from your good selves, the readers of our site! Either message in a challenge to our Twitter, Facebook, or simply post a comment and we’ll try and do what you’ve requested!

First up – here’s the YouTube video of this game for you to watch!


The first in the series was given to me by Alex / Thinkbad Monkey! He challenged me to play a game on NHL 15, on the hardest difficulty, as Team GB, a team with no player of note, no player of any decent ability, against my own NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The game started badly for me – I lost the faceoff and Toronto immediately raced down the ice to score – JVR to Kessel, with a sneaky cross ice pass to Bozak who snapped it in for a 1-0 lead. I immediately figured out this wasn’t going to go in my favour – I was outhit, outpaced, outdeked all over the ice.

The main aim from then on was to not let the game get too embarassing, which I managed to do somehow! My Goalie managed to keep me in it for a surprising amount of time, making a few huge stops in the rest of the first period. The second period belonged a little more to me; I managed to get the shots to a more amicable level but didn’t really have a player capable of putting it past Bernier in the Leafs net.

The third period was a enjoyable one – up and down the ice, a lot of action at both ends, but without being able to shovel the puck past the keeper, the Leafs eventually scored another – Lupul finishing the move, off of Kessel and Kadri. I was gutted as there was very little time left on the clock, with just 15 seconds remaining! Unfortunately, I let my concentration levels dip before seeing the game out and undeservedly, at least in my humble opinion, I let in another for a 3-0 loss; the final goal being scored by Kadri, off of Clarkson and Lupul – 4.3 seonds remaining.

Well guys, that’s all for the first IM PLAYIN challenge! I hope you enjoyed it, sorry I let you down Alex – I couldn’t complete your challenge first time. If you want to suggest a challenge comment below!