IM PLAYIN Head Soccer

Most of my gaming the last few weeks has been on my phone. Which obviously sucks, but it also means I had a bit more time to test out some different games, which I can then pass on to you lovely people! First up is Head Soccer; yes another Football game.


Head Soccer is slightly different, it reminds me more of beach soccer but 1 on 1, it has that FIFA Street feel to it, but 1 on 1 instead. It’s based entirely around La Liga, but is an official app of La Liga. There’s four game modes, Friendly, Cup, League (which is Liga BBVA) and Survival, which are all very straight forward what the aim of each is. Each match is 45 seconds long, in which time you just need to make sure you outscore your opponent with the ball flying around everywhere. Sounds more simple than it is by the time you’ve unlocked a few difficulties.

There are 2 buttons on the left; left and right controls to move your player and 3 buttons on the bottom right of the screen – from left to right they are – Special Ability, the default is pretty crap, a header that pushes your opponent back slightly, I eventually changed to “mystic haze”, which isn’t anything to do with drugs, surprisingly considering it’s name. The middle option is to kick the ball, there’s no power for this, it’s all about timing instead, waiting for the ball to drop the right amount to not go flying over the crossbar. The right hand option is to jump/header, it seems to switch between just jumping and actually heading the ball; this is the easiest way to score by far and definitely needs to be practised if you hope to not concede any goals.

The strength of this game comes in it’s depth/details. There’s all the twenty teams in the Liga BBVA present, as well as 20+ players for each side, very impressive that they’ve given such choice to what player you want to be. The other goal aside from winning, is to complete the 6 tasks against each side, the 6 remain constant no matter what team you play as or against, you just have to do them against each side. These are – Don’t concede, win without Power Up, score more than 7, win by more than 5, only kicking goals and win without sprint.

The biggest problem with this game in my opinion is that it sometimes stops you playing because it’s not got internet connection (which happens a lot on the tube), yet it doesn’t actually require internet to play – which is really weird. I’m not sure whether this is because it’s trying to chuck an advert in your face or not however; there is a ad-free version of this game for £0.79 but I didn’t play this enough with internet for it to be a problem.

The soundtrack is god awful in my opinion, it sounds like people have just added effects over one beat, which then cuts and changes across. Luckily, there is that old faithful mute button. However, the one time I do encourage sound in this app is when your opponent is doing one of their special moves that leaves you with no chance…seeing as these occur twice a  match, turn the sound on for when the second one occurs and learn what it’s called, so that you in turn can get that with your gold bars. Unless it’s the poison special attack, which just hurts your ears; trust me.

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