IM PLAYIN Hatfall – Yahtzee does it right

The first video game reviewer I truly watched and paid attention to was Yahtzee. I’m sure this is the case for many, many people out there. His way with words not only entertains but enlightens you as you follow his journey through games; as well as his insulting, satirical look at the games industry in general and how much has changed in the last few years. He’s actually one of the few I religiously watch the latest videos for, not just Zero Punctuation but his latest project of Judging by the Cover.

So, when he started plugging Hatfall, I decided that it would be rude to not give it a try. It’s a very simple game, available on iOS, Android and online, but it doesn’t try to hide that – It’s simply a game where you must try to position your character, the drawing from Zero Punctuation, under the hat and avoid the falling objects whatever they may be. It keeps in line with the Escapist look and feel, as well as the speech of the famous gaming video series. Doesn’t sound too appealing? Well, it takes the piss out of itself and you, which is always a plus in my book – and has that strange addictive power to it. You want to beat your high score, always, and when you’re in a groove, you know it. It’s not only this, but it also has mini games, mini parts to it, some of which are reminiscent of a old school text based game. These mini games serve as some much needed alternative after a while of playing the game – the first one I encountered was after killing some animals in a forest, wearing a bear mask while needing to store some pinecones and make pinecones to value my business. Despite being simple to play, it sometimes does trick you with the multiple objects, such as the anvil squashing you, or when you have to control multiple versions of Yahtzee’s character.

Controls are fairly easy to master, with it being simple to hold on whatever side you want to move Yahtzee towards, however, the multiple versions can really throw you off the scent of which one you are! The sound is actually one of the highlights of the game, with the theme tune getting you ready for the game, before some classy 20s jazz gets you in full swing. As well as this, it does have some voice clips from Yahtzee, just not enough of them for me though.

The game doesn’t force adverts on you – It gives you the option after a failure, at certain times only, to watch an advert in return for some hat currency. Every 25 hats you get a gift, which has no real value apart from to unlock them all, whilst you get towards your reserve to change character – for example, a party hat costs 180 hats, or the ‘Swole’ version costs 250 hats. It’s enough to keep you enticed whilst you play through. The game is exactly what you expect from Yahtzee – silly, funny and weird. What more do you want.