We here at IM PLAYIN, absolutely love a good zombie. I don’t think, however, that I’ve played a better one than H1Z1. It has so much to offer us gamers and this is whilst its stilly in early development. It’s punishing, rewarding, vast, unique and I’m scared every time I see a foreign object on the screen. I’m going through a patch right now, where I just don’t think I’ll be stopping playing it any time soon. The aim of H1Z1 is to survive the H1Z1 outbreak for as long as you can – the town you are in is an average American town; you’re never going to survive the whole time, you will die at some point. And when you do, you lose everything. Thats why it’s so punishing. If you’ve built a shack or house, then it will survive, but you often spawn the other side of the map to where you just were. The sizing is impressive, vast is the word I used. It’s a 10×10 grid, which takes about 30/35 minutes to get from I3 to D9, which is a trip I often seem to do. This is with hardly any stops to pick up gear or take a breather for my character.

This was one of the first few games I bought since a recent PC upgrade I made and I slightly regretted it at first. I had no guidance in the game and wondered what the hell was going on, as well as the dodgy graphics. Luckily, they have improved the quality of both the graphics and the content tenfold since I’ve been playing it, and it seems they’ll continue to make these impressive updates for a while yet.

It’s tough to pick my favourite part; I really enjoy the tense nature of the game – hiding in the bushes when you see another human player, unaware if they’d be friendly or hostile to you, with the sudden realisation someone probably hid in the bushes when you were travelling too…It’s such a great atmosphere to play in, especially when the tense soundtrack really kicks in, sometimes indicating someone is close, sometimes just to wreak havoc with your emotions. You could be aiming your gun at someone, but you might not have any bullets for that weapon – holding to ransom the enemy player to get some items off of them for fear of their death. This is the beauty of H1Z1, the spawn rate of weapons is quite low, meaning that not everyone will have one, especially not with much ammo, if any, until you’ve kept your player alive for quite a while, which is when full on battles can break out.

I also really enjoy the crafting system in H1Z1 – as you pick up all these unique objects scattered through the wasteland of the town, the aim is that you pick up as much as you can/the most important things you can, to help you unlock as many crafting items so that you can really prepare for the tough PVPing world.

Not all realms are PVP however, some are just PVE, which, although more attractive when you’re getting used to the game in the early stages of your H1Z1 career, seems to kill half the fun for me personally. It’s nice knowing you only have to really worry about zombies and a lack of resources, but PVP adds that thrilling edge of your seat action. The other mode is Battle Royale, which is totally different, but equally fun to PVP. Basically, everyone parachutes down onto the map, your aim is to collect weapons asap (with the spawn rate massively improved to PVP) and be the last player standing out of 120 odd players…with the map ever shrinking as poison gas reaps the areas outside that safe zone.

Ultimately, this game plays out so much better when you have friends to play with. It’s that knowing that someones around if things do get ugly, or if you do die, they can get revenge/pick up your goods, or watch your back whilst you raid the closest house, or perhaps even help you out once you’ve died before splitting ways again. This doesn’t mean its not good to play solo, it’s just there’s a noticeable advantage to having someone nearby; as you’ll more than likely get ambushed by more than one player anyway! It’s scheduled to be released on Playstation 4 too, which will be amazing, I’m sure, not only due to being free-to-play (at least reportedly), but due to the way this opens up so many more groups of friends playing the game together.