IM PLAYIN Crimsonland – The Videos

We here at IM PLAYIN have been playing the hell out of Crimsonland – Thinkbad Monkey had it on his Playstation 4, before we got round to installing it on Romnomnom’s Xbox! We’ve been playing it so much in fact, that we now have 4 fantastic videos on the game – All of which are below. First up, Alex and Conrad tackle the alien fiends, before Steve joins them in the next video for a bit of survival mode, before Alec rounds out the cast as they aim to beat their high score each time. The last video tries out a different mode; Rush.

Wanna play Crimsonland yourself? Get in touch for an opportunity to get a code for the multiplayer mayhem! Tell us your thoughts about the game. Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite/least favourite mode?