IM PLAYIN Bloodborne – The Basics

Just like with any other game, the key to surviving Bloodborne is by mastering its basics. Everything from knowing the controls and familiarizing yourself with your character’s movements can mean the difference between life and death. After 70 hours of game time, here’s what I find to be the most important basics to know.

Know Every Single Button

The first thing you need to do when you pick up that controller is learn what every button does. Get used to the dash—the animation, the amount of stamina it uses… every little detail matters. Also take note of how your dash turns into a roll when you’re not locked on. While it’s great that the dash/roll helps you avoid attacks, it’s important to remember that there are some frames in that animation where you’re invulnerable. This lets you to dodge THROUGH attacks.

Hold down the dash button to start running. It’s definitely a handy tool when you need to get somewhere in a hurry or escape a sketchy situation. Also, if you tap the dash button while running, you’ll perform a little jump that ends with a roll when you hit the ground. Jumping is a must when trying to reach some areas.

Know Your Weapon

Bloodborne has some awesome weapons. All of them are fun, but you’re probably going to stick with one or two of them. Once you’ve set your heart on your weapon of choice, you need to experiment with all the moves it provides. Check out your different light and heavy attacks. If you know your weapon well, you’ll know what move is best for each situation. You’ll also want to build your character in a way that compliments your weapon. I’ll be putting out an in depth look at the stats in the coming week!

Play It Right

Bloodborne is all about being aggressive. Going on the defensive for too long can get you into some serious trouble. Backing off from a confrontation is fine, as long as you fully commit to running away or diving back in when you have a window.

Also be sure to explore as much as you can. If it looks like you can venture somewhere, then you should definitely check it out. Blooborne is full of nooks and crannies filled with goodies that can make your adventure a little bit easier.

Learn From Your Mistakes

You are going to die a lot. Everyone dies a lot in this game. All my experience playing the Souls series didn’t keep me from dying. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you learn from each death. Learn enemy attack patterns, find weaknesses and learn the terrain. It’s once you’ve successfully done these things that you will master each area and enemy and breeze through the game.

The Consequences of Dying

Dying sucks in general, but Boodborne goes out of its way to make death even worse. Upon death you will drop all your Blood Echoes (the game’s form of currency) on a spot on the ground that you will have to make your way back to and touch in order to get them back. Also, all the enemies in the area respawn. Fun stuff.

Make Use of Everything

I have the bad habit of saving everything I grab thinking that I will desperately need it later. The problem with this is that I always talk myself out of using them whenever it would be helpful. Learn from my mistake. Always use an item that can be helpful to you. Odds are you’re going to find more of that item later anyway. Otherwise you’ll reach the end of the game and find a surplus of an item that has lost its purpose.

So those are the basics that I find to be useful. Next will be a walkthrough of the game! To the hunt!