IM PLAYIN Bloodborne – A Guide To The Stats

Stats are an important thing in Bloodborne. While there’s not necessarily a “bad” character build per-say, everything boils down to being a matter of efficiency. The most effective character is one that has been formed from the beginning with a certain build in mind. Here is a list of the basic stats that you will need to know to build your character to effectively fit your play style. For a more advanced look at stats, take a look down at the bottom of the page.

Basic Stats

Level: In Bloodborne your level is determined by how many points have been distributed to your character. So if you’re level 10 and put a point into your strength you will then be level 11. It’s also important to know that every level costs more Blood Echoes—so keep that in mind.

Blood Echoes: These are essentially what is considered currency in Bloodborne. You will level up and buy items with Blood Echoes. But, don’t forget that all of your Blood Echoes are dropped on the ground when you die!

Insight: It took me a while to fully grasp this concept. Insight essentially represents one’s knowledge of the bizarre goings on in Bloodborne. The more you have, the more that will be revealed to you. Besides that, it’s also how you can summon other players into your game for some cooperation. You can also use it to buy items from a certain vendor. You can get insight by finding bosses and slaying them. There are also a few unique events that you can take part in that will grant you even more insight. Your insight will NOT drop should you die.

Vitality: This is the stat that determines how many hit points (HP) you have.

Endurance: This is the stat that determines how many stamina points you have, and also the strength of some resistances.

Strength: This stat determines if you can use heavy weapons and how much damage you deal with them. There is some equipment that have strength requirements.

Skill: This stat is similar to strength, except it governs lighter weapons that require finesse and how much damage you deal with them.

Bloodtinge: This stat determines the effectiveness of weapons that use Quicksilver Bullets. There is some equipment that have Bloodtinge requirements.

Arcane: This stat determines the power of your Arcane (magic) attacks. Some equipment have Arcane requirements. Your Arcane stat also affects your discovery rate.

HP: This is essentially how much punishment you can take before you die.

Stamina: This is like a ‘fatigue’ bar. Every attack and dodge uses stamina. When it runs out you’re helpless until it refills.

Discovery: This is the rate that items will drop from enemies upon their death. You will experience more frequent drop rates as you put more points into Discovery.

Advanced Stats

These are stats that aren’t quite as prominent as the others, but still have a significant impact in the game. These can be viewed as soon as you gain control of your character by opening the menu and going into stats.

Physical DEF: This stat determines your defense against physical attacks. This stat is increased by putting points into your other stats.

Slow Poison RES: This is your resistance to being poisoned. Various enemies can poison you if they land hits. If you do get poisoned, your health will slowly drain until the effect wears off.

Rapid Poison RES: This is your resistance to rapid poison attacks. Rapid poison works the same way as normal poison, but drains your health more rapidly.

Frenzy RES: This is the resistance against the effect of frenzy. If frenzy is allowed to take effect, it takes out a whopping 80% of your max HP.

Beasthood: This stat determines how powerful you are when you use weapons or attacks of a beast-like nature.

Finally, we have the Damage Reduction stats. These stats determine—based on your defenses, resistances, and equipment—how much the damage from various attacks will be reduced.

Physical: This is the reduction of straight up physical damage.

VS. Blunt: This is the reduction of damage from a blunt weapon or attack.

VS. Thrust: This is the reduction of damage from a thrusting weapon (like a spear) or attack.

Arcane: This is the reduction of damage from arcane attacks.

Fire: This is the reduction of damage taken from fire attacks.

Bolt: This is the reduction of damage taken from bolt attacks.

Whew… that’s quite a bit to take in. However, with this knowledge you should be set to start your hunt through Yharnam!