IM PLAYIN – At Being a Leader

I absolutely hate responsibility of any sort. Having to do things regularly or being obligated to do something important just isn’t me. I’m a Hedonist out to squeeze as much fun out of life, and my gaming, as possible. Although in real life I’m a nice guy, helpful and all that. But a leader? Not me. So it always surprises me when out of the blue I keep getting bumped up various in-game promotion ladders. I don’t ask for it, I’m just there doing my thing, knuckling down, being what I consider a good clan member and my punishment is to get kicked up to a position of power. In Clash of Clans I went from Newbie to Elder in 3 days, “You’re OK” they said. Then when half the clan went AWOL I suggested, only suggested, that a few of the Elders should get bumped up to Co-Leader to help with managing the clan.

> FantasyMeister has been promoted to Co-Leader < appears on my screen.

Bugger. Because our actual Leader only plays now and again (I think he logs on just to build a few things then goes off to work) this immediately means that someone has to step into the breach and organise things. I’m good at organising things, so I stepped into that breach and started doing what all great leaders should do, delegate the work to everyone else.

Delegating work to others sounds very cushy, but it’s not. If you pick the wrong guy for the job all hell can break loose, like when I assigned someone to kick inactive clan members and they started kicking all the people who he should have known were just starting out. That meant we had to get them back which meant delegating someone to recruit. It also meant we had to have better communications, so I assigned someone to that as well. That’s why leaders have to delegate, try doing all that stuff on your own and you’ll just go *snap*.

I learned that lesson the hard way in my fledgling online days with Final Fantasy XI. I actually wanted my own LinkShell (clan) because I’d been in so many bad ones and I’d heard of so many other players in similar situations. So I formed one and I built it up and it was mine. Because I forgot that a clan belongs to everyone in it I didn’t delegate, I did the opposite, tried to micromanage every aspect. And I failed. I lost track of the big picture and I *snapped*. I let down all those clan members who’d finally thought they’d found a home simply because I didn’t know how to run things properly, and you do that by giving responsibility to others.

Clash of Clans isn’t just a game to me anymore. It’s a game where I now have a responsibility for the well-being of others, where others look to me for advice, come to me to sort out their problems, a game I’m now obligated to log into regularly to make sure things are running smoothly for the other players so they can have the maximum fun possible. There are those three words again – responsibility, obligated, regularly. Words I hate.

But what I have learned over the years is that I can’t disguise my online persona and getting promoted is just something that will keep happening. Doesn’t matter how much of a complete fail I am at the gameplay itself, if I’m in a clan those bloody leaders will always sniff me out and delegate stuff. Happened in World of Warcraft, happened in Guild Wars 2, it’s probably why I loved Skyrim so much – it had all the looks of an online game without anyone coming up to me and saying “Hey, wanna work instead of having fun?”.

Whenever I get the chance in online games I now play lone wolf, and for good reason. Kinda silly me picking up a game called Clash of Clans in the first place but hey, it’s a good little free Android game that got me hooked. But I’ve actually had my eye on another game for a few months now – Destiny, by Bungie.

Destiny looks like an ideal game for clans to operate in so I’d be very surprised if there weren’t some kind of clan system implemented. But I have this nagging question burning at the back of my mind: “Do I want to be a clan member or a clan leader?” I think clan member is the easier option (after a bit of lone wolfing of course) simply because I no longer have the ability to invest mammoth 16 hours a day 7 days a week time chunks into whatever title I’m playing. And if you want to lead your clan to great heights you need that sort of time commitment. or the ability to sniff out suitable players to do all the work for you so you can log in just before going to work, which again takes great time commitment initially.

Meh. Officer rank here we come. Perhaps it’s my … *puts on shades* … Destiny.

  • So you done with clash? Velvetius , Samuel II, and others would like to know 🙂

    • I’ll probably log in again at some point but yeah, meantime, kick and farm all you want to 🙂 I’ll be sure to look you guys up again next time I visit 🙂

  • So you done with clash? Velvetius , Samuel II, and others would like to know 🙂

    • I’ll probably log in again at some point but yeah, meantime, kick and farm all you want to 🙂 I’ll be sure to look you guys up again next time I visit 🙂