Icomania is a puzzle game riding on the current popularity of that genre. Much like the extremely popular 4 pictures one word, Icomania challenges you to guess the correct word related to the image (though there is only ever one image)

Having to think back to all of the iconic images that you can remember is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the games initial difficulty does make you feel extremely knowledgeable, (even if it isn’t that hard).

Thankfully there are features to help if you become stuck on any particular images. Options both to automatically place a letter and remove two from the list both give enough of a hint to continue to make the game challenging and your supplies quickly dwindle if you continually use them.


To further receive aid, the game offers an easy way to share images to Facebook so that you can see the assistance of your friends. A large Facebook icon is situated next to the image to give you a reminder that help is only a click away.

With all these options on the screen, the interface can feel cluttered at times, thankfully this is helped with the ability to enlarge the image by double tapping it.


Icomania may not provide the high paced excitement that many other portable devises can offer but it is definitely a way to pass away the commute time. Maybe we can even get the whole train involved in solving the puzzles? While that may be a while off yet, you can download Icomania now for free on the App Store.