I Am A Disappointing Experience – Reviewing An IOS “Game”

Picture this, you have a flight ahead of you, not a long flight, but a couple of hours that you want to try and kill. That was exactly my situation when I wen onto the IOS store to try and find a game that would help me kill the time on my short little travel. I didn’t want to grab the Vita as I was lucky enough to get an iPhone 6 and wanted to try as many games as possible to have any excuse to use it! The first point of call is always the ‘Best New Games’ section of the app store home screen. After a while rummaging around I eventually found ‘I Am A Brave Knight’, and it first grabbed me by having a nice looking app logo (always the first port of call). The images and description as well seemed interesting and, dare I say it, cool. Now before I go on, here is the description, see what you think…

Do you have ten minutes to live a life? 
Inspired by games like Journey or Cloud, I Am A Brave Knight is a short interactive story based game on our perspective of life. The game follows the life of a man and his progress through it. With an emotional story that will not leave you indifferent, get ready to live an experience and maybe learn something about yourself.


• An emotional story about life
• A short but intense experience 
• Touching visuals and music

Sounds interesting right? Well the disappointment felt after playing the game was definitely an experience, and I guess that I learned something about myself; that I’m a sucker for a pretty picture and some seductive words.

It’s difficult to review this as there is not much to review, the whole experience lasts around 8 minutes and you can’t even get into it before it’s just over, not over as in, we did it, I can’t believe we won, but over as in, is that it!?

The “gameplay”, if you can call it that, involved drawing letters that pop up on the screen and that’s it, I wish I could say that it changed and you got to kill a dragon but you just type words. But wait, there is some kind of point to it, and that point is a stereotypical life passing you by. Kid, kid grows up, grown-up gets married, grown-up has kid, grown-up’s wife dies (one of the only sad bits), grown-up dies as well.

Now it may sound like I am being a mean bastard, but I just didn’t expect to be let down like this. If you are nit picking, the explanation of the game is exactly what it is, and for that you can argue that I should have expected this. It literally is 10 minutes long, it is short, and it does follow the life of a man. But what it also does is cost me 69p and there are a lot of other games that don’t cost me a penny, but provide a much more complete and compelling experience than this. Once you start taking people’s cash you have to provide an experience that is worth their while, and I Am A Brave Knight just dose not do that.

It’s not even about a knight!