How the Xbox Changed Gaming Forever

The Xbox is 15 years old and we still can’t quite believe that so many years have gone by. I mean, how has it been 15 years!?

Despite favouring the PlayStation this generation, I have a lot of love for the Xbox brand. It’s great to be able to celebrate any milestone in gaming that shows how far the games, consoles and the gamers have come.

Here are 3 of my favorite things about the OG Xbox

The Games

The games are what make a console. That was especially true in a time before all the fancy apps that we can get on our consoles today. Without the games, it was really just an expensive DVD / CD player. The OG Xbox had some stunning titles like Forza, Fable and Jade Empire. But its crowning glory has to be the introduction of the Halo franchise. Bringing one of the most iconic gaming characters to our screens, and changing the FPS genre for ever, Halo was not only a great game but a game changer for the Xbox brand.

Xbox Live

Launching in 2002, Xbox hoped to succeed where the Dreamcast couldn’t. By bring online gaming to the masses. Think about how people play games today and let me know if you think it worked… of course it did! With party chat and the ability to download content, Xbox Live was a revolution in gaming. Plus, with games like Unreal Championship and Halo 2 to play against the world, it was bound to take off.

The Innovation

While the PS4 may be ahead of the curve at the moment with their VR headset, Xbox created some big waves for gaming when it was released. Not only was it the most powerful console at the time, but it also contained a built in hard drive that was needed to work it’s online capabilities. The inclusion of an ethernet port was also not seen before, but again something that is now standard in all consoles. Hardware aside, we also loved the Xbox for its UI. Being able to listen to my own music was a great way to bring our own personalities along for the ride!

Happy Birthday Xbox, and here’s to another 15 years!