How did February work out for you?

February for me was action packed and expensive. I may not be playing the latest and greatest games – in fact I concentrated on just two – but I had a LOT of fun!

First up were the freebies from PlayStation Plus – in my case they were Outlast for the PS4 as well as ModNation Racers: Road Trip and Dynasty Warriors: Next for the PS Vita. As with most of my digital downloads I grab them, go back to what I was playing, then forget they existed at all, but I did at least give Outlast a quick whirl. It’s not really my thing but I guess if you like a good cardio workout every 30 seconds then you’ll be a fan.

Next were the expenses and first on the list was my Destiny pre-order for the PS4. Being one of those ‘must have it now’ games I didn’t bother shopping around and stuck with my regular, reliable, trustworthy supplier for the past 14 years – Amazon. Having £40 in Amazon vouchers helped and brought the price down from £44 to £4, so that’s that one out of the way until the Summer Beta looms, then I’ll go back to checking my inbox daily for my Beta participation code.

The Valentine’s Day Wallet Massacre continued, big time, when Toukiden: The Age of Demons arrived on the PSN store for £29.99. I’ve written about the demo before, loved it, so a day one purchase was guaranteed. And guess what? It’s downloaded, on the Vita, just sitting there, waiting. I sometimes wonder how big my digital backlog is and whether it’s bigger than my physical backlog, then quickly push those thoughts out of my mind. I must be in denial. You can pick up a physical copy of Toukiden for £19.99 if you shop around, the pain of being an early adopter can be quite brutal at times.

Also on Valentines Day I got my order in for the Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, which set me back $114.98 Canadian Dollars, roughly £30 cheaper than the UK RRP, and I figured as they were in stock I’d succeed with a double whammy of both a cheap price and early delivery. Currently they’re somewhere over the Atlantic and baffling me as to why airmail can take up to 25 working days.

Thief was up next, a game I was doubting previously unless the price went down. Sure enough £33.95 delivered seemed too good to miss so I plonked an order with another new supplier, They didn’t let me down, Thief for PS4 was despatched on a Wednesday and arrived the day before release so they’re now on my preferred suppliers list. Thief is on my ‘to get to’ pile.

Lastly, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Remember I said I’d wait until it hit the £19.99 mark? It did, so I snapped it up from when they offered it for £19.75 with free shipping (use the code CELEBRATE at checkout). Never used them before, and they take payment straight away for pre-orders, but for that price I’m willing to both give them a try and get a new title for the PS4.

The rest of February was spent playing my biggest timesink game – Clash of Clans on Android using my Samsung 10.1″ Note Tablet (which, incidentally, is PERFECT for Android gaming), and trotting about in the Final Fantasy XIV Beta on PS4. Regulars will know that I’m a big fan of Clash of Clans, it’s my guilty pleasure, a free game with microtransactions, but for me the joy is playing it without paying to see how far I’ll get. Just take a look at my base:


I mean LOOK at it! Those sublime walls, all that tactical positioning of traps and defenses, all the ongoing work, all the upgrades to come. It’s a masterpiece that I’ve spent months of gameplay on and it’s part of my digital legacy. When I die I can say “I built that!” and nobody will care, such is the way with digital legacies. Anyway, it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

As for the PS4 Beta test of Final Fantasy XIV, it took a while to convince me – 2 whole days in fact – but I’m definitely down for when it launches in April despite a few misgivings which I’ll write about another time. I took a screenshot a few days back just for posterity to show my progress before Phase 1 of the Beta ends on March 3rd, all progress will be wiped unfortunately, but as you can see I’ve dabbled in gathering and crafting and concentrated on my main class, Gladiator – mainly because I always tank in MMORPGs and I wanted to make sure that it was still a good tanking class. It is.


So that, in a rather large nutshell, was my February 2014 in gaming. How was yours?