Heists Are A Big Reason To Play GTA V Again

Grand Theft Auto V came out at a really awkward time, and its release was not aided by the delay of GTA Online, and the epic delay of the GTA V Heists. By the time Online was added to GTA V, there was just a few weeks left until the release of the current-generation consoles. When they hit the scene, quite a few people forgot about the amazing experience that is GTA V and GTA Online. A few months down the line and Rockstar had brought out a current-gen version of their blockbuster game, but people didn’t exactly swarm to it. Maybe they had forgotten about the fun that they had on the last-gen consoles, or maybe they didn’t want to spend £50 on a game that they had already bought just a few months earlier – especially as there was little “new” about it. That was until the Heists finally came to GTA Online.

I completely understand people not wanting to buy GTA V again on the Xbox One or the PS4, if they had owned it on the last-gen consoles. It’s a lot of money to spend on one game, particularly when there are plenty more games out there that are worth the money too. Sure, First Person mode is a good addition to the game, and playing the story over again is great fun, and I’ll admit that they were enough of a drive for me to re-purchase the game when it was released. But that wasn’t enough for some, including our own Romnomnom. But the Heists are a completely different beast, and if you haven’t got around to re-purchasing GTA V, or dusting off your old copy, you really should.

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Obviously, I have my reasons to back up that statement. My first reason is that the Heists add a completely new dimension to GTA Online. The Heists are kind of like Online’s very own mini-story, with various different missions, characters and gameplay elements. Each Heist has its own story, and each mission fits in with the overall narrative of the Heist. Some Heists have their own unique characters, and others will see the involvement of some fan favourite personalities, like Lester and Trevor. This mini-story helps to give a little structure to GTA Online, it gives you some aims and objectives and it helps to keep you focused whilst playing. Overall, it helps to keep GTA Online feeling fresh, exciting and engaging!

Another reason for playing GTA V again, because of the Heists, is the ‘band of brothers’ feeling that the new missions give you. The Heists create a sense of togetherness and camaraderie that is hard to find in video-games these days. Not since playing Left 4 Dead with the IM PLAYIN guys have I had such a feeling. Working together, fighting together and digitally dying together is something quite unique in Heists. You can revel in your defeats or celebrate your victories and have a good laugh about some of those ‘only in Heists’ moments.

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The Heists themselves are highly re-playable, because there are a variety of different jobs in each Heist and some set-up missions. In the Prison Break Heist, for instance, two players infiltrate the prison and the other two secure their extraction with a helicopter and an airplane. Each job gives a different perspective to the Heist or the missions, and playing them again in a different role makes the Heists seem completely different. Not only that, but there are also ‘elite objectives’ to complete, which give you a significant cash boost at the end of the Heist, and add another level of re-playability.

But, for all of their glitz, glamour and fun, the Heists also serve a rather basic purpose. They give you tonnes of money! Money really does make the world of GTA Online go round, and the more money you have, the more fun you can have. You can buy some amazing vehicles thanks to the Heist update but, just by completing all of the Heists in order, you can get a cool million to spend on whatever you please! I personally purchased a load of armoured vehicles, a cool attack helicopter and a tank. I basically have the firepower to create my own personal army… all I need now are the soldiers.

In all, the Heists completely revamp GTA V. In a way, they’ve given it a new lease of life. I could happily play the GTA Heists for the next few months and, hopefully, by the time I’m bored of them Rockstar will be bringing out more!