Halo: Master Chief Collection – This Is Just A Tribute

… to the greatest hero in the worlllllld. Halo. I don’t think I know a single person who had an Xbox or Xbox 360 that didn’t have at least one of the Halo games, or at least play one of the legendary games. October/November 2014 seems to be the month of the re-release/month of the upgrades, seeing as we now have had Telltale’s The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Grand Theft Auto V and the Master Chief Collection all slated for release within a few weeks.

Well the Master Chief Collection is the one that really stands out for me. I personally see the first three I listed as simply upgrading the graphics slightly (How much can that improve The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us?), with a few addons, GTA V mainly adding the ability to make it an FPS. For this, I don’t really want to pay £30 – 50 all over again; whilst I certainly enjoyed GTA V, for FPS mode and a few extra weapons, I don’t think it’ll be that different from the version on the last gen. The Master Chief Collection however, I am excited for.

For the money, I know with The Master Chief Collection I’m going to not only get 30 + hours of campaign that I am happy to play (except for some of 4), time and time again, although I guess the same can be said for most of GTA V… yet the online for Halo is where it really separates itself from the pack, as it is arguably one of the top online multiplayer games to have ever graced Microsoft consoles.

The games have all received some version of an upgrade; Halo: Combat Evolved has been pushed to being native at 1080p and 60fps, Halo 2 received a High definition upgrade as well as what they’re calling pretty much a “remake” of the graphics of the game. All the games, bar sections of the Halo 2 remake, are 1080p and 60fps, which was one of the main targets for 343 Industries and something Microsoft has seemingly stressed since the collection was noted to be in the works. I like that 343 Industries have gathered quite a few different studios to get the games up to scratch, making sure that one developer studio didn’t have too much to do. Saber Interactive (Timeshift and Combat Evolved Anniversary) worked on the Halo 2 campaign, whilst Certain Affinity did Halo 2’s multiplayer (Originally did Halo 2 multiplayer, as well as CoD Ghosts), whilst Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2) did some changes to Halo 3 and Halo 4, with United Front Games (Sleeping Dogs) creating the Unified interface

As well as all of this… there’s 4500 achievement points to get people!!!1111oneoneone. 450 achievements to collect for that score, which gives you loads to do within the collection too. This means that with one weeks’ worth of hard work, I could perhaps overtake Alecs Pilik on the weekly scoreboard!

I know that when I get it, and get it I will, that Thinkbad Monkey will definitely play through the story at least once with me, as well as putting in countless hours worth of Infection (I couldn’t read this back without the voice over of “INFECTED”), same goes for my brother. £40 for 4 games and countless hours of Infection? I’m in. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…

Beta to the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer is also included; and as such we can be amongst the first to test the new abilities in multiplayer mode… although I am slightly worried about the aim addition; the majority sound cool and worthwhile additional abilities, but the aim is questionable, especially when they note that it’s not in place for everybody to feel like they have to use it… Halo: Nightfall is also included. Which looks epic and acts as an origin story to the second character on the Halo 5:Guardians cover, 343 Industries announced. No doubt he’s set to play a huge role in that game and perhaps the Halo Universe as a whole.