H1Z1 Chronicles Pt 2 – Trouble In The Town

I wasn’t so keen on the idea, having only escaped out of the place hours before, but it was necessary. We had to head to Rancho in order to improve our supplies – mostly due to it being a more concentrated area of vehicles, and shops, so there wasn’t much choice. We needed more scrap metal to build backpacks instead of the very limiting satchels that we had made only recently.

The trip to the town was uneventful, going by easily, coming across a few wolves, which we dealt with, and a few bears to which we stayed well clear of. Arriving, it was a little busier than we would of liked, as well as us obtaining a small amount of followers on the way. We made a dash to the petrol station and swiftly headed down a hill behind it. A wealth of cars were parked up, and luckily quite a bit of scrap metal/ metal sheets were within. However, whilst we were busy looting the cars, neither of us had paid much attention to the mass horde that was gathering behind us, and was making their march towards us. Crap, and double crap. I turned around after hearing a groan that was a little too close for my liking, panic, and shout to Kailios to make a run for it. I get hit and instantly find myself bleeding, not being fast enough to dodge, and get around the car I was looting. After a quick head count, it was clear there were far too many to make a stand, with only hatchets in hand, and one experienced player among us.

We made a break for the nearest building, slammed the door shut, ran up the stairs in the hope that they would lose interest. Making use of the time, we looted up the place for food, and all the essentials, but importantly for me, to took a breather and had time to bandage up. Clearing 4 floors is no quick task, but we achieved it, and were happy with our haul of stash. It was time for home, our little shack on the hillside, out the way of everything and very much a welcome thought vs the town. We both reach the bottom floor, only for the wall of sound from outside to almost becoming inaudible. In all the times I have played a zombie game, never have I had it so loud, a cacophony of groans and moans, and it was easy to see why. The front door we had gone through was a sea of zombies, all with one thing in mind. Eat, eat, eat. The noise is unbearable, and we have to think fast in order to get out.

The back door! We hastily make our way, check if the coast is clear. A few are close, but not enough to worry about. There was no counting, it was instinctive, we run, and we get out of there. As we run past the entrance side, a few catch sight of us, and make a run for us – although we didn’t plan on stopping. We headed up the slope, past the petrol station and didn’t stop until we were well away. The shack is in site, and it’s back to safety… for now.