H1Z1 Chronicles Pt 1 – Love Shack

Upon spawning, we had nothing besides a trusty map which could of been drawn by a 5 year old, marking out some key areas of interest, and a flare in a trouser pocket – but that’s it. No weapon, no food, nothing. I was also in the middle of what could of been anywhere. There was no road that I could see. I was in the middle of a forest, and already Zeds were on screen stumbling about, waiting for a newbie like myself to bump into them for easy takings. A quick check meant that I could see I was in I3, with a road and a handy town nearby, but not much else. A check with Rom, and I found that he happened to be E3. Which was quite handy as the crow flies. As I didn’t have a compass to hand,  it’s not the easiest to figure out what way is what, and the map’s sketchiness didn’t provide much help. So I had to take a guess. I stumbled across the road after a few minutes of wandering aimlessly, and had to commit to one way, just in order to see what the next map code is. After running for what seemed like forever, I was still in I3, no good! I realised I must of been heading East, and thus the complete wrong way from my comrade. After saying many possible POI’s to Rom to help locate myself, it was without luck. I’m hopelessly lost, and it’s been 10 minutes.

I followed the new decided direction, still in I3, until I came across multiple military outposts, and then finally a town. I’d made it to Rancho Taquito. Now all I had to do was make it through, out the other side and I was on the highway, and on my way to some safety in company. The problem we didn’t realise, is just how common Zeds were, and after taking a stroll into the outskirts, making my way in, it wasn’t long before there was more than thirty of them, all staring and making their way to the intruder to their recently made home.

A further 15 minutes later, I had navigated my way through the city (not short of panic station), constantly running and using up precious hydration and energy in a bid to get out of the zombie infested town. I didn’t know enough about survival to last much longer by myself, but at the same time, I couldn’t exhaust myself too much. I tried ducking into a house in a bid to break their line of sight, as well as grab a few items and get out. I knew that I had been followed by a few, but shutting all the doors, I felt a little safer. Little did I know, I had attracted far more attention than I thought, as the zombies outside massed in number, and with said number, so was the groaning of a multitude of zombies all waiting for their bite to eat. By the time I had checked it all and headed upstairs, I had enough food and stagnant water that I could at least survive a little while longer. The upstairs had a balcony, so I thought to make good use of this to scout my escape route. After stepping outside for 1 second, I realised my mistake as 20 zombies all stumbling around outside, stopped as my figure appeared. Then the horror of every single one making eye contact, followed by a horrific moan, was compounded as they all made a move towards my house. Crap. I ran downstairs, out the backdoor, only to find no backgate or way of escape. Frantically, I made several attempts to jump the house with little luck, and the groaning was coming closer. After trying more and more, I was able to jump the fence and make a break for it. Not wanting to turn back. I ran and ran.

Love shack

Checking with Rom, he had it easy so he says, he was on the path, and it was a stroll west bound to be enroute, with the plan to meet in the middle. SO my escape out the city had been a success, and I was now on the Hunter Drive. Within a short while we had finally come to meet each other, one a little worse for wear than the other, of course.

Rom, being the more experience of the two, instinctively knew what to do next, and already had some gear in the form of food, a compass and a melee weapon. First things first, is that we needed a shack, and a storage container, in order to put all our hard found valuables in. The area we met happened to be pretty neat for it, with a little compound nearby, as well as a small shack with a fire. We ventured out to find a hilltop in order to make the shack as visable as possible, and went out to find the materials to make it.

I soon realised that the golden nugget is scrap metal. Without it, you can barely do anything unless you want to be an ever wandering ranger. So we set out to find every car within the vicinity and search for the stuff. Next stop was wooden logs and with trees not being in short supply, it was an easy job. After 15 minutes, we had obtained what we needed, and voila, our little shack was made, and the door with it. Hastily adding a lock code, the storage container was next and we made two for good measure. We stood back, and appreciated the good positioning, had a bite of tinned food, some purified water, and we were good to plan our next move.