GTA V Heists Update – First Thoughts

The GTA V heists were realised early on consoles this morning, which was a welcome change to Rockstar’s usual song and dance of delaying the update. It was a pleasant surprise to get them so early and, because I had a day off today, I decided to sink my teeth into the update and get my heist on!

The Heists

So far I’ve completed one heist, taking on the small bank, and I’ve started the second, “Prison Break”. The initial heist is more of a warm-up gig. It’s short, sweet and cheerful. Basically, you first have to complete two set-up missions. The initial set-up mission is designed to scout out the small bank and work out how to hack into their systems. The second set-up mission sends you off to find a heavily armoured car (one of the new additions to the game, which is purchasable for a cool $500,000ish). Once you’ve completed the set-up missions, you’re then allowed to embark on the main heist. The player who sets-up the heist in their apartment fronts the first bit of cash to fund the heist. That person then receives a higher percentage of the takings at the end of the job. For the first introductory heist, however, the percentages are predefined – 60% for the mastermind and 40% for the accomplice.

For the main job, one player takes on the responsibility of hacking the bank’s system to get the vault door open, and then drill out the bonds from the safety deposit box. The other player has the job of driving to the bank and then keeping the staff and public inside the building under control. I didn’t get the chance to have a go at hacking or drilling, because I was the designated driver for the night. Driving is driving, there isn’t much to talk about there. Keeping the crowd under control was fun though – you had to keep their attention and maintain a level of co-operation by threatening them, but not pushing it too far and accidentally killing them. Much like when you rob a convenience store, you basically have to point your gun at the staff and customers, and shoot near them, and they’ll be putty in your hands. You do this for two or so minutes, whilst your buddy grabs the loot, and you then make a hasty getaway. Job done! I walked away with $140,000 dollars for what was about 20 minutes work, max. Can’t complain with that!


I’ve not properly started the “Prison Break” yet, but I have set-up the set-up missions. Basically, I had to pay around $40,000 to get the ball rolling. From there, you need three other players. Two will steal a prison bus, acting as a guard and prisoner, to infiltrate the prison and break out the target. The other two will organise the getaway. I would imagine that the set-up missions will entail finding the getaway vehicles, and the prison bus… and perhaps the outfits.

One of the best aspects of the heists is the level of control that the heist leader has. They can choose anything from the cut percentage of each player, right down to the style of clothes that each player wears. I like uniformity, so I’d much rather have four people doing a job, each dressed in a balaclava and a boiler suit, than a mix match of outfits and masks. Maybe I’m just anal… no wait… I’m definitely anal. Still, strolling in to the bank, wearing the same outfit and similar masks, really made us look the part – and it’s all part of the overall experience.

Each heist has a set of bonus objectives, which contribute towards your final cut. For the first heist, the objectives were to complete the heist in under 5 minutes (it took us 7), to take under 6% damage on the car (we took 10%) and to complete it without losing a team-life, which we did. Getting the one objective added an extra few thousand to the pot, but I would imagine that the harder the heist, the more money you’ll get from completing the bonus objectives. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my heist experience, and I’m really looking forward to working my way through the rest!

The extra-content

If you’re anything like me, new DLC also brings the exciting prospect of new clothing items, and this heist update has brought in a few neat additions to your customisation options. If you didn’t already know, if you go to the cashier behind the desk at any clothes shop, you’re able to cycle through a few pre-defined outfits for purchase. These range from formal suits to full warfare costumes. Some of these have been added over the past few months, I for one only just noticed the new skinny suits – so it’s worth giving it a check through to see what new content’s out there, plus some of the gear isn’t available to purchase outside of the outfits section. Rockstar has also added a plethora of new masks to wear for the jobs – these range from a rainbow coloured balaclava to a dapper paper bag.

Screenshot-Original (10)

The heists themselves are pretty damn fun, and I’m already working on getting a few of us together to work through the next few. But, because Rockstar love us so much (or they’re feeling extra guilty for the lengthy delay) they’ve also given us a few added bits of content. Some of the best new content (other than the heists, of course) are the new multiplayer game-modes. These new Adversary modes include “Siege Mentality”, one of my personal favourites where a few players hold off a specific building from a large number of attacking players – 3 vs up to 9. There’s also “Come out to Play”, where a team of hunters have to catch and kill the runners. Finally, there’s “Hasta La Vista”, where one team drives big rig cabs and attempts to run down their opponents, whose only form of transport are push-bikes. The new online modes are rather fun, but it’s difficult to find other people playing them at the moment. However you unlock them as you progress through the heists, so perhaps when more people take the plunge into the new game mode, they’ll also start playing the multiplayer modes too. Along with this are random events within Freemode, which give both rep and cash! These random events add an extra element to Freemode, keeping it fresh and exciting.

Rockstar has also introduced a new weapon, in the form of the flare gun. The flare gun is pretty damn effective against members of the public, or other NPCs. It pretty much makes them combust in a matter of seconds. It also works well against vehicles, provided you’re close enough to hit them. Against other players, however, it’s pretty useless. There are also a few new vehicles too, including the armoured car that I mentioned earlier. Personally, I’m not overly bothered about buying them, because I don’t think that they look that great, and they only really serve a few purposes – I’m happy with my sports cars, thanks.

Overall, the heist update has brought more than just twenty or so hours of extra content. Rockstar has introduced new multiplayer modes, new weapons, new clothing items and new vehicles – it’s one hell of an update, I must admit. Has it been worth the wait? In a way, yes. But, at the same time, it was a hefty wait. Still, the heist update has built a brilliant platform for future content from Rockstar, so let’s hope that they can keep up the quality… but stick to a better time frame.