Groove Racer

Groove Racer is essentially a scalectrixs type racing game where your car is fixed to the track. The aim of the game is to get around the track in the fastest time in order to earn up to 3 trophies. Sound simple? Well let me tell you that you won’t find a simpler but more frustrating game than Groove Racer.


The simplicity of the game is in the controls. Holding the screen will move the car forward and then it will slow down when the user lets go. While this sounds a little too easy the tracks do a very good job of providing a challenge beyond ‘press the screen to win’. All of the tracks contain long and sharp corners that must be navigated – going too fast into a corner? Well then you are going to spin out causing a delay in time as your car resets.  To add further difficulty, orange lines highlight many corners of the track. These indicate particularly slippery corners, meaning you will really have to think about how to tackle them.


As well as the track changes, each race will give you a new car to play around with. These cars change the gameplay with many different specifications. You may find that one car is faster than the others, meaning that you have to be more carful around the corners whereas other will have more grip, allowing you to push the speed a bit more. This change in car and track means that the player will be running quite a few times around the same track in order to beat the best time and gain the 3 trophies.

This is a great little game to pick up and play, wherever you are. With a wide range of tracks, you won’t be completing this in a hurry and while it may be easy to beat a map and move on to the next one, the challenge of getting all 3 trophies will see you fight for every last second you can get on the track. With some edgy game graphics to top it all off, this is a definite recommendation from us.

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