Great Co-Op Games From 2016

When you have a partner who isn’t that into big AAA games, it’s important that great couch co-op games get released. While the co-op game doesn’t feature as often as it used to, 2016 did house some gems. Some of these I’m sure everyone has heard off, but there are others that are well worth checking out if you are hunting for some 2 player action.



By far the best coop game released this year has been Overcooked. For a game about cooking, it manages to combine the frantic, fast-paced fun with a simple but appreciated story. Starting you off slowly with some onion soup, you quickly have to get to grips with more complicated recipes and turn your new found culinary skills to burgers & burritos. With two DLC packs already out, including a free Christmas based DLC, there is plenty to keep all you wanting chefs busy over the holidays.

LEGO Star Wars – The Force Awakens

The LEGO games have always stood out as great games to play with a friend and 2016’s LEGO Star Wars – The Force Awakens was no exception. While it may not have been my personal favourite LEGO title, it was the first to look truly stunning on the current consoles and brought with it new features, such as the firefights to the series. The galaxy is a big place and I massively enjoyed bringing a friend along for the ride.

FIFA 2017

While FIFA has done nothing special this year to enhance it’s coop experience, I wanted to give it a mention regardless. FIFA will always have a special place as a great coop game and with the change in engine to Frostbite, FIFA 17 proved to me a much better game than the last couple of editions. With a better game comes a more enjoyable experience for a solo player, but also for the thousands of gamers who love to play a quick game with a friend.

Rocket League – Xbox One


Please don’t jump on me for this, I know that Rocket League launched last year on the PS4 and believe you me, I was one of the first to download it on PS Plus and put the hours in. But Rocket League did launch on the Xbox One this year and as well as re-buying it myself, it has allowed a lot of my fellow gamers to finally play the game in 2016.

Screen Cheat – PS4/Xbox One

Again, I know this came to the PC in 2013 but Screen Cheat finally hit the consoles in 2016 and we are all the better for it. Taking an old school concept that everyone who plays a coop FPS looks at the other person’s screen to a new level, Screen Cheat is a hell of a lot of fun to play. It takes a bit of getting used to, but put an hour in and you & your mates will be having one of the funniest FPS experiences in recent years.

Neon Chrome


Neon Chrome by 10tons is a fantastic twin stick shooter that combines a quirky setting with some great gameplay. While you can choose to go it alone, working through floors, trying to reach and kill the evil overseer, it is so much better to get a buddy & take on the hoard of robots and heavily armed goons together.

If you want to see more coop action from myself & IM PLAYIN then you can check out our ‘Couples Gaming Night’ stream every Tuesday on Twitch. Myself and my wonder fiancée Lucy take on a lot of the games mentioned here!

We would also love to know what coop games you have enjoyed in 2016, comment below if you have any other suggestions or if you have played any that we have talked about.