Grand Theft Auto V – Online

And there we were sitting, playing this game, and thinking to ourselves, “well, this couldn’t get any better now, could it”. Oh Rockstar, how wrong you have made us.

Plagued in its initial release on October 1st with glitches and bugs galore, many were becoming disillusioned with GTA Online. But, Rockstar did warn us to expect some problems at launch – and problems they had. Among the hundreds and hundreds of complaints there was everything from, not being able to complete, or even participate, in the first race, to people losing their created characters to even loosing their GTA V story save file. A bigger cock-up there has not been, at least not since Diablo 3 crashed and EA had to appease their customers with free stuff. But, once the creases had been ironed out and the tutorial had finally been completed, gamers were more than happy with what they’ve seen so far, and we’re expecting even better things in the coming months.


Since GTA online is a multiplayer experience, and since there are a multitude of writers here at IM PLAYIN, we’ve decided to do something a little different with this review. So, please see below a collection of our favorite bits, pieces and memories from our few days playing GTA Online.

Alecs PIlik

“I remember the first race that I was competing in, well, since the tutorial, very well. I had spent a good minute choosing my car and the colour of the body work, it was perfect. The race counted down, everyone revved their engines in the excitement of the event, rearing to go at the first wave of the flag. I shot off forward, gliding across the ground like a majestic beast, then, out of nowhere, some prick NPC on the other side of the road decides to make an unexpected turn straight into the front of my car. I barrel-roll across the lanes, smashing into the other players as my car flips gracefully across the road. I’m shooting around the track like a pinball as the opposition (and other NPCs) crash into my poor helpless car to the chorus of ,”dude, what the f**k!”, as the other players complain of my less than conventional method of racing. My car finally comes to a stop, gently spinning on its roof as if a pinwheel in a light summers breeze. The car is smashed to pieces, past any recognition, unless you worked at a scrapyard and had just received the wreckage of a vehicle involved in a multi-car pileup. And then, as if insult had not yet been added to injury, I was expected to carry on with the race. You may think that this was a terrible experience, but my friends and I had a good laugh over it at the end of the race and, looking back on it, I guess I can see the funny side … though why I bet 2.5k on me winning, I’ll never know.”


“GTA V Online, I can promise you, is a sure set way for fits of laughter when played with friends. If I were to talk about half of the experiences, there would be a short story alone. However, the stuff that sticks out to me is the thrill of a getting a group of friends together and getting some stars under your belt. Hilarity is generally going to follow. Take one instance, last night, where the IM PLAYIN crew and co were in hot pursuit, I was on foot and desparately needed a pick up, having crashed my car in a ditch seconds before. Luckily ThinkBad monkey came crashing towards me in aid, sliding to a halt in front of me in a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ fashion in a stolen army vehicle, the sirens of half the force and more behind him. I go to get in and instead of jumping in the passenger seat, i casually walk up to the driver door (with everyone shouting at me to hurry the heck up) and yank him out! To stunned silence and a “Kailios, what the f**k are you doing?!?!” The police came crashing about causing a pile up, pistols and machine guns pounding our vehicle with limitless rounds. Finally, ThinkBad scrabbles to his feet and dashes to get in as we make the get away off on a jolly goose chase around the countryside.”


“My first mission with friends was a simple drugs pick up: at least, it was supposed to be simple. Four members, two cars. In. Out. Simple, right? Ever been in a lowrider with three players that gets crushed by a jeep? Doesn’t work out well for that lowrider, I’ll tell you that for free! We went from having 3 lives left to 0 in a heartbeat. After pulling off the drug delivery once we’d respawned the laughter commenced! It was hilarious how stunned we were in that lowrider, and the silence that came across the party chat as the lowrader became as flat as a pancake!”

ThinkBad monkey

“As I shoot frantically out the back of a heavily damaged stolen military van with two of my partners in crime driving and navigating in turn I think, “How did it come to this?”. I found out the hard way that stealing a car and running over a group of pedestrians was a good way to get the police attention, but I did not expect the chaos that ensured. Having totalled my initial getaway vehicle I sought the assistance of my teammate in a much faster and seemingly suited car to get us out of dodge. Quickly we found that the lack of two front tires made getting away near impossible! Requesting air support from another teammate we soon took to the sky. Our freedom seemed assured; that was until we decided to raid a military base with nothing but a few pistol bullets and our trendy cloths for protection. With the mini map full of red and blue dots and nothing but the sound of sirens and fully automatic weapons filling the air, the team managed, somehow, to get away in a nearby swamp. As I found myself miles from nowhere I thought my salvation had come when my friend, piloting a stolen helicopter plotted a course for my destination. That was until he came in a little too hot and crashed, bursting into an inferno! As I cried out in despair I saw a van coming towards me. Thinking that a colleague had come for me I opted to get in the vehicle. Without realizing however I pulled a member of the armed forced out of the van and in a mad panic killed him and his armed passenger. Now with a considerable number of starts and what seemed like every authority in Los Santos after me I rushed to meet my team where the chase continued.”