Google Glass – Part 2

So here is the long overdue second part of my Google Glass feature, and this time it’s on the application of gaming in this new device. 

First of all, I am not sure that gaming will take off on the glass, not in the same way that you would buy a game on a tablet or iPhone, for example. The lack of any controls operated by hand means that glass controls could feel frustrating, much like the first Kinect generation. 

Now an area I do see glass having an impact would be as a second screen interface, an interface that the industry has been embracing more and more in the past year. With the announcement of the ‘commander’ in Battlefield 4 the popularity of second screens has become a viable option to enhance gameplay. 

Wouldn’t it be great to use Google Glass to view the map in any shooter game, your inventory in an adventure game or see your subs bench in the latest FIFA? Maybe companies such as Blippar could use glass to develop games in which you unlock digital content for games by exploring the world around you. 

While the future of gaming on glass may not be immediately apparent, there will be some interesting ideas emerging as the product develops, and I for one will be waiting with eager anticipation to see what will emerge when this hit the shelves.