God of Light – Light up the beautiful world

God of Light is something I would never normally go for – a puzzler that you must think your way through and light up the world and patterns to finish each level. This style of game is not really ideal for me on the train – I like simplicity and something that I don’t care if I stop half way through a level or don’t pay attention for a couple of minutes.

The task is simple; use the light radiating from what might be you as the Sun or the God, to see where you need to go and what angles to create to get the beam all the way to the focal point. There are 25 levels on each world; there’s at least 5 worlds from what I can see, meaning there should be 125 levels available, not bad for this sort of app puzzler game.

Unlocking bridges, expanding pods, teleporting the pods and moving along sliders are all different ways of trying to find the correct path towards the endgame – but it’s important to make sure the final beam travels through the stars, as the stars are required to move on to the different worlds – 70 stars collected through 25 levels to unlock the next world – a maximum of three per level, meaning you need to get close to perfect on every level, increasing the thought you put into levels.Obviously the game starts off fairly easy, with the tutorial levels getting you prepared to the full amount needed in my opinion – as well as the tutorial levels later on the different worlds giving you the appropriate amount of know-how to crack through the next few levels. This funky little app fast becomes quite challenging, but not to the point of deleting the app – It keeps you wanting to resolve the puzzle, which for me is a rare trait that needs to be replicated; I’m bad for deleting apps before giving them enough time to win me over.

I managed to pick this game up while it was the app of the week; so it was downloadable for free instead of £1.50; but for the content on offer, £1.99 is a good price for this tasty little app. The soundtrack is simple but effective – the timing of the sound effects really helps apps like this for me – the movement of the light and twinging effect of the sound really works. Yes, this game is hardly anything new in terms of being a physics driven app to unlock each level, but it does it well; there’s no time restraint on each level which I love personally, as I can concentrate on getting the three stars on each level rather than thinking I need to finish this asap…which is also handy for those train moments where you’re listening to the conductor or driver over playing the game.

The negative that hits me the most is how draining this is on your phones battery in particular. The tablet edition isn’t too bad (I tried a few levels just to see what it was like, I mostly played on my phone), whereas the phone can take a huge chunk of your battery away before you even realise.