Giant Boulder Death

From Adult swim and Pik Pok comes another truly interesting game that pushes the boundaries of human morality and pulls on the heart strings to drive you into a quest for revenge. 

The story is short but does pack a punch. An evil dictator has risen to power and on true form swiftly executes your love. Seeing this from afar, your bloodlust and need for revenge takes over and all you think about is crushing everything in your path. The twist? Your love was a boulder and so are you …

Giant-Boulder-HeaderThe game sees you constantly rolling around the countryside crushing buildings, solders, dogs, lumberjacks and many more obstacles. The more you play and crush the more coins you can get to buy upgrades to improve your destruction capabilities. While this format has been done many times before, GBOD brings some new ideas to old formats. One of these niceties is a take on the initial boost that most games deploy. Instead of buying a boost for x amount of time, GBOD give you more control over how far you go by trading 1 coin for 5 extra meters. 

With some nice ideas and fun game play this is a great game to play both on mobile and tablet devices.