Getting pumped for Sniper Elite III

I love a good shooter game, especially if it has some decent sniper mechanics. There are few games with better sniper mechanics than the Sniper Elite series, with Sniper Elite V2 boasting variables such as wind speed, wind direction and the curvature of the Earth all getting into the way of your perfect shot. It also offered some fantastic game modes, with the normal campaign as well as an online and local co-op campaign, plus a survival horde type mode that would get any sniping aficionado drooling. Altogether, V2 is possibly the best sniper game I’ve ever played. No, you know what, it is the best sniper game I’ve ever played. That’s why I’m stupidly excited for Sniper Elite III.

Sniper Elite III will be based on the North African campaign of World War Two. It’s a little gamified period of the war, with the majority of developers opting for the more ‘popular’ European campaigns. Call of Duty 2 had a few missions based on the campaign, but not much to chat about. The sprawling plains and rocky terrain will make for an interesting setting for a sniper game. I literally can’t wait.


The environments will adapt and change as you play, with the maps being up to three times larger than those seen in Sniper Elite V2. It also sounds like you’ll have to stalk your target, using documents and journals to find out their true identity. They might even be throwing in body doubles to the mix, so you could accidentally kill the wrong target. Apparently, no two play-throughs will be the same, which is ideal in this sort of game. I love trying to complete sneak based games in a ‘perfect’ fashion but after a while, once you’ve screwed up three or four times in the same area, you’ll learn the best way to crack it. Changing environments are quite appealing, as it’ll add to the longevity of the game.

Possibly my favourite aspect of this game is that the co-op campaign will be making a return! I can’t quite find the words to explain the joy that I find in co-op campaigning. Playing a game with a friend sitting beside you is what gaming is all about, for me at least. I love being able to complete a game with somebody, to share the experience, to share the joy, to share the teeth grinding frustration that can be found in some difficult levels. So I can’t wait to play this game with my girlfriend (she’s actually a pretty decent shot with a sniper). You can also play other game-modes online, including Overwatch (which is basically a game mode where one player completes the objectives whilst the other provides sniper cover, much fun!) and a survival game mode( where you have to hold off against waves of enemies, yes please!). Both of these game modes were in V2, but I’m really glad that they’ll be making a return. You’ll also be able to compete online. I’m not sure if it will be pvp or whether it will be game modes requiring you to wrack up the most points for kills, etc. What I’d quite like to see is a game mode like Overwatch, where one team has to protect a target and the other has to assassinate them. But I guess we’ll see what happens on release and after updates and more DLC.

If you pre-order the game, you’ll get a piece of DLC that gives you the opportunity to assassinate Hitler. I mean, isn’t that every boys dream? To kill Adolf Hitler and become the ultimate hero? Maybe not quite. But still, it sounds like a decent piece of DLC. Plus, it’ll give you the chance to aim for his groin and, when the bullet time x-ray vision starts up, you’ll be able to see if he truly has just one ball!

Have I not mentioned the bullet time x-ray vision yet? Why that’s the best bit of the Sniper games! Basically, when you take your shot, if it’s on target and going to be a doozey (pretty much anything that isn’t a hand / foot shot), the game will go into a slow motion bullet time, where you can watch the bullet soar through the air like a brilliant eagle, destined to blow a Nazi’s brains out. Upon impact, you’ll be able to see the bullet ricochet through the target’s body, smashing through vital organs or just passing clean through, dragging flesh and bone out with it. Yum!

Overall, I can’t wait for this game. As of yesterday, I pre-ordered it on the Xbox One through ShopTo (where I buy most of my games) for just £41. That’s the best deal I could find at the time, though please be a dear and inform me if you’ve found it cheaper anywhere!