Gaming, Blipping and Augmented Reality in between

The rise of augmented reality has been a very rapid and exciting one. Those of us who have been following the goings on of AR projects have not been disappointed by the ingenuity and creativity of many exciting campaigns.

But what interests us more here at IM PLAYIN, is the use of AR to enhance gaming experiences. Now I’m not talking about putting the player in the game, or wearing headgear to enhance mainstream console and PC gaming, I’m interested in seemingly simple executions of the tech, to create gaming experiences in new and different ways, that has never been possible before.

Through the use of AR app Blippar, users can now scan the world around them, using the Blippar app to interact with real life objects for a virtual experience. This can be anything from print, billboards, packaging, displays, and now even TV! This visual discovery means we only need our phone’s camera to reveal a hidden digital world. And hidden games to!

Perhaps the most successful AR game was on the cover of the freely distributed Shortlist magazine in the UK. Once users scan the cover, it comes alive with 3D effects, as well as an arcade machine sound track. This serves as a portal in which you can click to play the game right off the cover.  (You can give it a go now! Just download Blippar)


With over 50,000 individual interactions there is no doubt that gamers, and everyone else alike, found enormous value and fun in the interaction. Being able to play a game that I can see on a magazine is pretty cool, if only you could have a quick game of Halo sitting on the train!

From print, to something a little bigger! Blippar once again dived into the gaming scene when they teamed up with Disney to bring another gaming experience to life, right from the side of a building in old London town. This really showed that you could bring games to life anywhere.


This marriage between real life objects and digital technology is something that we in the gaming community have been waiting in wonder for and now our phones/tablets can provide that link.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Blippar’s CMO Jess Butcher to get her opinion on how people have taken to this new way of gaming:

“This tech is so exciting as it enables the effective gamification of any physical, static object.  If your kids are already annoyingly prone to ‘playing with their food’ – i’m afraid to tell you that that now they’ll be able to in a real-sense, with augmented reality games providing a brilliant point-of-difference for one chocolate bar over another on the shelf next to it…    Simple, ‘snackable’ gaming (no pun intended) is where we see the short term opportunities – as opposed to complicated, multi-level competitive gaming Angry-Birds style, but who knows where and how this space will evolve.   A bus stop or even an oyster card could become the real-world portal to any competitive virtual game between you and a virtual community of competitors…   nothing is out of bounds and the implications are massive….”

So what is the future of visual discovery gaming? Bright I’m sure. Just think about the possibilities if gaming magazines adopted this technology, no longer would they have to direct reader elsewhere to try demos or watch clips. Advertising on posters, buses, billboards or products can have hidden virtual games to explore and play out and about, and for free!

You can download Blippar free on both the App store and Google play, and check out their twitter feed @blippar for any news on new campaigns and EVEN MORE GAMES TO PLAY.

If you have any views on Augmented Reality, Visual Discovery or if you have any questions and you would like to get in touch then hit up the comments section below or tweet us @IM_PLAYIN