Gaming and Real Life

Now, you might think that this is one crazy title to say the least, and also very presumptuous. But what I mean is how experiences and memories from gaming can impact you in real life. So hear me out, and take that sea breeze break away from all the GTA V talk.

The human brain is one clever piece of kit, so when it comes to real life, things can get pretty boring and dull. One way that we can cope with this is to be creative, to have an imagination that thinks of an alternative world to run through scenarios with. Have you ever been to a shopping centre and thought, shit if zombies attacked and, I had a Dead Rising on my hands, where would I go first? Do the shops here have enough kit to defend myself from hordes of zombies? I know I did. Even through my school years, me and my friends (those of IM PLAYIN) found ourselves planning zombie attacks. What were the best areas to defend ourselves from if there ever was an outbreak, who would we have to sacrifice for the greater good (there always has to be one!). You have to bring a bit of fun to school, right? You might also think we were a bit too old for that? Not so, me and Thinkbad monkey were even doing it at university! You can never grow too old for that sort of thing. 


Taking it back to the point however, what I really want to talk about is how gaming affects your life. Take the week just gone. I went on holiday to the beautiful island of Malta, clear blue skies and scorching weather. It was great. But what made it better, and in fact made my week, was my first ever experience of jet skiing in the Mediterranean sea. However it wasn’t only the fact that it was a freaking awesome thing to do, but it was more of when I hopped on that Jet Ski, I thought… I am actually going to relive Wave Race back in the days when I played on the N64. Nostalgia then hit me like a tidal wave. After all the hours I had put into the game, crashing through the waves and screeching across the ocean, but this time it wasn’t a virtual reality. I was doing it, I was there. I was experiencing it. This time I was in control and there was no 16 seconds till a check point to carry on. There was no controller, no bed to sit on but instead the real clear blue ocean itself to fly, through like I had done so many times in game. With the real rumble of holding on to the handle bars and feeling every bump as you hit a wave.  It wasn’t till I got back home did I think to myself, what other scenarios have I also been in that I have thought back to gaming, and what other things would be cool to take part in that I sometimes do in games. There was actually quite a lot. 

And with that thought, has there ever been an experience you yourself have had when in real life and compared it to a gaming experience and maybe not even known it? You could have been Go-karting and think, heck what if this was Mario Kart (yes I have seen the youtube videos!). Or even been paint balling and tried to pretend it’s Call of Duty? If there is such a thing, we would love to hear your stories!