Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game (of Thrones)

Telltale games are becoming something of a staple in modern gaming with the company with little to shout about suddenly producing some of the best games out there today. Personally, I only played the first episode of The Walking Dead and have not ventured towards the equally praised Wolf Among Us, and the biggest reason for me was not knowing which platform to play it on. You need your saves for this and I didn’t want to go back to a console I no longer use, just to play one game. I mean, you wouldn’t go back to an old computer because a pesky word file refuses to move on.

But with the announcement of a Game of Thrones game I was finally excited enough to dive in to the tales of Telltale, and now I have a PS4 I am confident that I wont have to move on in a while.

Taking after the TV show, Telltale’s Game of Thrones certainly doesn’t hold back on any of the gore and soul-destroying moments that make the show so incredible and the worst thing in the world at the same time. It’s hard to talk about Telltale games, as they are so personal that what I say may not even apply to most; one person’s trip into madness may be a stroll in the park for others. But I can say that like the TV show; you can’t trust anyone or get attached to any character! And if you do, so help me you will be weeping into your Japanese love pillow like the Red Wedding happened all over again.

Speaking of, the story starts at the twins on the night of such a dark pink wedding following the exploits of house Forrester, banner men to the Starks. Inevitably all goes the way of the massive cock up and the head of house Forrester and his eldest son are killed in the fighting, from then on you control a mix of characters from the now dodo dead lord’s Squire, the eldest daughter in King’s Landing, and the new young lord back in the Iron Forest of the North.

This swap of characters allows you to really explore the Game of Thrones universe without your single character having to roam all around Westeros. This also allows the story to demand different decisions ranging from combat choices to delicate politics, and also somewhat indelicate politics.

To top it all off, you will meet characters from the HBO show and they have managed to get all the same cast for the voices, giving you the real feeling of getting stuck into the show that you love. In the first episode you will meet the crowd favourite Tyrion, the wicked witch of the west Cersei and the totally scary as hell, bat shit crazy Ramsey Snow along with a few others. Seeing recognisable characters brings such a sense of excitement or sheer terror as you think of what they are like in the show. Most of the time, I found myself not thinking of what I would do but what would go down well in this universe, and most of the time I kept remembering, “when you play the game of Thrones, you win or you die” – wise words.

I hated playing this game, but don’t worry, I hate the TV show as well. And I think that may be the same for most people who watch it. I don’t hate it because it’s bad, but because I love it so much that when a good character dies or something else horrible happens, I die a little inside and have to punish myself to thinking that good may actually win in the end. Telltale’s Game of Thrones has perfectly captures the nature of the show and for that it’s a must buy for GOT fans. The only negative that I would say it that I didn’t feel as in control as I did in my short time with The Walking Dead. It seemed at times that my big decisions would have affected the story in the same way if I chose another route as if I only unlocked different conversation options. Another play through will reveal if I was right, but I would like to see more obvious consequences for my decisions. But with another 4 episodes to play, I may live to regret those words.