Fry Cry 4 Preview @ EGX

For me, what made Far Cry 3 a good game was Vaas. A completely crazy bad guy bent on destruction. The quote on his definition of insanity still rings loudly in my ears as your character is chained up helpless; it was something of a moment in gaming that has you enthralled. So now with FarCry 4’s bad-guy, Pagan Min, I can see this being a new chapter in bad guy story telling, and boy I cannot wait. If you haven’t see it, you need to check out the “don’t text for help, cry for help” trailer.

With the build up to EGX going on for some time, there were a few titles that had me on the edge of my seat. Unsurprisingly, having been in love with 3, made 4 all the more desirable. It was one of the games I had to play and wouldn’t be happy until I had. The teasers that I have seen up until now of game play, the animals making an even wilder return than before, and the mechanics of the game along with being able to play with a buddy who doesn’t even own the game, was enough, I am sure, to get many a person hooked. And even though I knew that I wasn’t going to experience Min playing Far Cry 4 at EGX, it was enough to know he is going to be there for when I get to play the game in full.

So finally, after waiting in queue (only a short while I might add), I found myself with a PS4 controller in hand, head phones on and sitting in front of the same mission I had seen during the E3 premier. Excitement!  The graphics looked just as sweet as I was expecting, it instantly gave me the same sense of being in Far Cry 3 once again, but better. It was great to be back in the jungle.

Anyway,  the mission started, I had no idea what my game plan was, all I knew was that whatever crazy person played before me had decided to set the sensitivity to max. Which I have to say, is not the best combo when you have a  cross bow in your hands. I took one glimpse forward at the enemie’s base camp that was the mission’s focus, and not a clue as to how to get in. Enemies were walking along the walls. I wasn’t going to get in there so easy. I took a glance to my right, it was a watering hole, and there laid my answer to getting in… well, less like just getting in and more like breaking and entering. It was of course the elephant. It didn’t take me a second to guess what I had to do. What I was intended to do. I was sprinting over to the nearest one, and climbing on board. Next stop – smashing small outpost with big elephant. Oh yeah!

It didn’t take long before I had broken down the main gates and stormed up to the nearest guy with my elephant, (let’s call him Stompy), grabbing him with his trunk and flinging him like a twig. I dismounted and took cover, as you receive some serious heat when you’re in the middle of the base. Without having to do a single thing, Stompy was off on a rampage. One to make Archer proud. Tearing up the place, charging around and basically doing all my hard work for me as I sat back and took a few guys out with the cross bow. I wasn’t even mad that the elephant was storming through the outpost, leaving me without a huge amount to do, I was impressed!

After forgetting to dismantle all the alarms like a fool of a Took, back up had arrived; in the form of jeeps with mounted machine guns and a hellicopter. They made short work of Stompy, which upset me a little as the elephant was already on his last legs having taken quite a few rounds from the initial charge. I had to stealthily get around as I found that the mounted gun was making short work of my puny flesh. And even though I am impressed as ever with the Far Cry’s protagonist’s ability to ping bullets out with a  knife or stick, I knew that wouldn’t be able to keep getting away with it.

I cleared away the stragglers from the reinforcements, although it wasn’t long before another helicopter had arrived to take me down. And this time, the bullets were making serious hits. After taking quite a bit of damage, I realised that I wasn’t going to get away so easily. I waited for the right moment, climbed in the nearest gun mounted truck, and turned around expecting to give the helicopter a right wailing in bullets. But, in the end, it only took a second of shooting before it was shot down and crashed in a smouldering pile on the floor. Base captured. Somewhat of a quick ending to what I was expecting to be a big fight. But hey ho, it meant I got to go again with another approach!

Most importantly, were my expectations met whilst having the first go at a base capture at EGX? Of-bloody-course they were.


    Man this game does have me extremely interested to say the least.

    Great read about your experience with the game. There are so many features that have me blown away! Namely the any time co-op with your friends even if they do not own the game they can jump in with you. Great selling point to say the least.

    Graphically I can only say that I have been privy to screenshots and highly compressed video, but every review has explicitly stated that the graphics are pristine.

    Having a beast of a system and no true support for it is really disappointing. This should not be the case as the previous games in this series have been readily established and should carry over to the fourth installment. I say “should” as this simple approach had failed in the past with some other IP’s…….

    Again though……great read.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    I am looking forward to this game and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Part of the secret is being immersed in a great and/or entertaining story. So far Far Cry and Borderlands games have managed to do both for me. Of course good shooting and A.I. mechanics doesn’t hurt either. 🙂