Fruit Ninja HD

With Fruit Ninja taking the number 1 spot on the free top charts at the moment on the App Store, a quick look at the game just felt right.

I have played Fruit Ninja across multiple platforms such as a windows phone, iPhone, iPad and Xbox and every time I have to start from scratch the opportunity does not fill me the annoyance or frustration but joy in the knowledge that I once again have a reason to play the game to death in order to get all of the blades and other unlockables.

For those who may not be familiar with Fruit Ninja, it is a game where you have to swipe the screen to cut and dice various fruits to beat high scores across various game modes. In terms of story line… Well there really isn’t more than that, there is some fruit, and f**k fruit!!!

The three single player modes consist of Classic, Zen and Arcade. Classic will see you slashing fruit making sure that you miss no more than 3 of the healthy stuff while also avoiding bombs that will also end the game.  Zen and Arcade will see you competing against the clock to gain the highest score in the allocated time. Arcade will produce you more of a challenge as you will have to doge bombs that will decrease your time. You will be assisted however by special bananas that can slow down time, create a fruit frenzy and double your score. Zen mode is for the people that just want to kick back and mess some fruit up. Simple rules, you have one minute to slice as much as you can!


I feel the best way to continue here is to divulge some of my top tips tips that can help you to reach a high score across all of the modes. So here we go…

Have patience! – It’s always better to wait until more fruit comes onto the board so that you can slice it all for bonus points. Now obviously don’t wait too long in Classic as the fruit will fall but don’t be in such a rush to chop that apple up.

Arcade Scores – Be tactical in Arcade. While manically slashing at everything may seem like a good way to ensure that you get the highest score, it’s is definitely not! Have a look to see what challenges are worth the most bonus points at the end and make sure you stick to these. You may seem linked you are missing a lot but trust me, it will all add up.

Don’t be scared to be tactical – In Classic mode, if you let three fruit drop off the screen then it is game over. However, one miss will be reset every time your score passes one hundred. With this in mind, don’t be scared to let one drop if it means possibly hitting a bomb to get to it. You can come back from missing a couple of bananas, bombs will sent you packing.


Thanks for reading this weeks Train Games, if you have any tips that you have discovered then we would love to hear them. Either comment in the section below or find up on twitter @IM_PLAYIN