Football Manager 2015 – Wonderkids 11

I’ve been busy toiling away playing Football Manager lately, so it’s got to the point where the current players in real life are retiring and the young stars are really coming into their own. As such, I’ve created a list of the Top Young Stars to get on Football Manager and how much they could set you back.

GK – Simone Scuffet – Udinese

Scuffet has a great surname, yet he has even greater potential to become a world class goalkeeper for Italy. This youngster has been recognised for his potential at Udinese and has played for the first team over a dozen times already, despite being just 18. Like most Italian youngsters, he has a mad release clause of 28.5 million gbp, but can easily be claimed for a lot less than this – try adding huge future rewards and Udinese often cave in.

DC – Eder Alvarez Balanta – River Plate

Balanta becomes a target for European clubs very quickly in this game – so snap him up fast. His potential is massive and becomes one of the best central defenders in the world pretty quickly – and at £5 million, he’s worth getting if you have that budget. The 21 year old is rapidly coming up to 50 league games in Argentina’s Primera Division and is now a fully fledged International CB for Columbia.

DC – Jesus Vallejo – Zaragoza

Vallejo is 17 and is a bargain at £1.3 million; especially when placed alongside Balanta. Balanta’s versatility creates a rock at the middle, so playing Vallejo to his side is perfect due to his brilliant positioning. He often ends up at Real Madrid, so snap him up if you can.

DC – Lucas Romero – Velez

Romero has been my DC /DM the last few years on this game, as I know I’m getting a reliable defender, again from South America. He’s slightly more expensive than Balanta, for not as good potential, but Romero puts a perfect finish on my defensive trio.

DM – Kristoffer Ajer – IK Start

This Norwegian youngster is nowhere near as well-known as Martin Odegaard, who’s become the next young football superstar it seems. Ajer can join your club for next to nothing, often around 100k, which is well worth investing in; even though he needs a year or two’s growth before being ready to play in the Championship. 16 year old, future star. Get in on the act!

DM – Wilfrid Kaptoum – Barcelona B

This youngster has just started to play for Barcelona’s B side, but the 18 year old Cameroonian comes at a low price, available for about £1 million. This DM/CM is a rock in front of the defensive trio, which makes it that bit stronger.

AML – Fabio Castellano – Atalanta

This Italian has a strong touch and technique; he quickly becomes a strong addition to the Italian national team. For close to £500k, this 16 year old takes a few years at other clubs to develop, but if developed right, he can pay off.

AMC – Humam Tariq – Al-Dhafra

For £100k, you can get, the very generously titled “next Pirlo”. Tariq has the poise, vision and technique to become the core attacking midfielder in any lineup within a few years. 18, with 15 caps for Iraq, Tariq is unknown so far… don’t miss the opportunity to sign this stud.

AMR – Andrija Zivkovic – Partizan Belgrade

The 18 year old Serbian International fits nicely on the RW for me. The youngest ever Serb international and player to be a captain at the club, is available for between £1 to £3 mill and becomes worth every penny. There’s not really one area where he’s the best for that skill, but he becomes an all-round brilliant player; for set pieces and for general round the pitch ability.

ST – Gabriel Barbosa – Santos

Now at 18, Barbosa has been a staple in my sides since he was 16 and first in the game. He is…unbeatable. He can switch between AMC and ST, but I play him as just a ST, which often results in 25-30+ goals a season at least. This lad is just pure talent and a MUST sign. £4 million plus add ons is all it takes…3 years time, clubs always bid around £30m to try and tempt me, but it doesn’t work.

ST – Luka Jovic – Red Star Belgrade

For under £1m, the Serbian powerhouse rapidly becomes a must-stay at any club. He’s perfect to play off of Barbosa – the downside is he isn’t ready straight away like Barbosa. 16 and almost ready to compete in the Championship… try loaning him back to Belgrade for a year, then loan to other clubs in your country.

This starting 11 is who you should all ideally look to bring in. I’ve purposefully tried to ignore players that are too well-known; obviously, Januzaj, Sterling and Barkley are a great trio of Attacking midfielders, or Lukaku up top.