Football Director 15 – Another ‘football-sim-tablet-game-app-thingy’

fI’ve recently found another football related game for on my tablet/phone, this one being Football Director ’15. The game is a mix of a few different games in the genre and it takes good and bad parts of them all – It takes the good financial aspects from Football Chairman, the 2D tile animations of the Football Manager series and the quick growth and play of Football Chairman too.

There’s quite a decent selection for what team to be – From Premier League to Sky Bet League 2, to the Turkish SuperLig, with Spanish, German, French, Italian leagues and more represented.  The players in it use their proper name in England, whereas players playing in foreign leagues have slight mistakes – very similar to the style of Pro Evolution Soccer, but the other way round.

What I enjoyed about this little app whilst playing was how quick and easy it was to get through seasons – At home, I obviously get to play my consoles and whilst I’m at work I obviously don’t get to play, so it’s important to be able to progress through seasons quickly for me. Half an hour is around all I need to bash through an entire season, including changing my squad around and choosing who to release/sell and on the other hand sign/buy.

It’s handily very simple to navigate your way through the game – from a handy home screen that clearly shows the confidence, positioning, next 3 games, the form of the last 5 results, as well as a small news section. This is followed by five tab options; the first covers off the squad, the youth squad, training and match instructions, such as corner takers, penalty takers and so on. By viewing the squad, you can mark your line up nice and easy, as well as going through the different positions. Youth squad is very cool – I’m always enthused about youth in sport, so was great to see this option. You can easily see the age of the youth members, the position they play, which is handily split up by colour, as well as the overall skill of each youth member. It’s also very easy to change tab and see available youth – which is very handy if you have had to promote a few players, or just to see what is out there.

The second tab is the transfer section – which is all very self-explanatory. It also shows the employees of the club and again has a separate tab at the top to change to see available staff…so you can easily cut and change as you go. The other options in this tab are managerial vacancies and trophies won, as well as lastly the club admin, where you can see contracts the most easily of all players – vital for end of season recruitment and letting go of players. The third tab has the player and team stats, as well as fixtures – although you can’t see all the stats of your team; well if there is, I haven’t found it. The last tab to note is the simulation area to each game or date. I’ve enjoyed playing this football sim, even though I do play more than my fair share of them, it’s not stopped me playing this. I like getting the best players for great deals and also enjoy seeing how some youngsters end up rated 94 overall (Sean Maguire from West Ham always sticks out to me, as well as Raphael Spiegel in goal…).