Flick Kick Rugby

Welcome one and all to the very first in a series of reviews on some of the games that are making the daily commute to work that much easier.

The game that I have chosen for the first installment is Flick Kick Rugby by PIK POK. PIK POK is responsible for all of the games in the flick kick series, which also include such titles as Flick kick football and Flick Kick field goal.

For those unfamiliar with any games in the Flick Kick series, let me explain. The aim of each game is to use the touch screen to ‘flick’ the rugby ball into the respective goal. The aim of Flick Kick rugby is to flick the rugby ball between the two posts. While this may sound simple, Flick Kick Rugby does offer effective challenges to ensure that it doesn’t get boring.


I suppose the first vital piece of information that I should incite upon you, dear people, is that this game can be played with one hand – making the task of playing on a cramped train even easier. If you find yourself with a little extra room then feel free to steady your aim with the help of extra grip.

The game contains some nice features that contribute well to the longevity of the game.

There are multiple game modes within the game including, Practice, Sudden Death, Arcade, Time Attack and Precision. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can go head to head against your fellow man, both online or by taking turns to punt the ball with a friend on the same screen.


Flick Kick Rugby is connected up to ‘game center’, meaning lots of tasty achievement for those among the population that crave the reward reaped by gaining virtual points for completing specific challenges. This is also complimented with a leaderboard, so it’s easy to see how you compare against friends and others in this big bad, rugby ball punting, world.

As a nice little bonus to finish the game off, the loading screens are populated with a quote or phrase which are often credited to famous rugby stars. Those familiar with this from the Call of Duty games will know that they add a nice touch to an otherwise boring loading period and always have a potential, “Ill have to remember that one”, quality about them.

By ThinkBad Monkey