Fist of Fury – How Many Ninjas Can You Kill?

It’s the Flappy Bird effect that makes really really simple games so addictive to play. It seems like a science that all you need to make a great mobile game is as few/easy controls as possible, in an easy setting with one goal in mind, oh and I almost forgot to include a high score. We keep coming back to these games but the simple fact of the matter is that they are fun to play!

Fist of Fury is no different from that and the game is very fun, frustrating at times like they all can be but that just make the feeling of beating your own high score more satisfying and rewarding.

Fist of Fury sees your character (who starts off as a monk) standing in the middle of a crossroad. Ninjas will spawn at the end of each of the roads and you will have to swipe to fend them off. They come at random intervals and as you get higher and higher scores they will come that much faster and faster. You do have an ability bar that the top that will fill as you knock out enemies but will constantly decrease. When it does eventually fill, your character will unleash a super move that will clear the map and get you ready for the next lot. Once you have gotten used to the speed you can start knocking the Ninja out like flies until you get to the higher levels but you will still need to be careful even with the first few, the amount of times I got used to a high speed only to be too fast for the slow ones meant I followed an impressive score with very low ones.

Apart from street cred, the other benefit of getting a high score is unlocking different characters, similar to Timber Man. These will unlock once you have reaches a certain score and there are quite a few to get. The cool thing is that many characters are taken from different games which you can go straight to the App Store to see. Obviously a money making scheme but it’s nice to know who you are playing with and some of the other games are really good.

If you are looking for one of those games you can just keep on your phone then dip into for a quick tube journey, then Fist of Fury is great. It’s great shooting to get all the characters and i couldn’t wait to try them all out when I unlocked them. To top it all off, it won’t beat you over the head with micro transactions and you can actually play the whole game for free… Really.

Check out the video below to see how it plays.