Fist of Awesome – A game for people with beards

I’m not sure what happened, one moment I was surrounded by friends and family and the next everything was on fire!  Dazed and confused I looked for an answer; that was when I discovered my fist was alive! The more surprising thing was that it started to talk to me. He explained that he was the Fist of Awesome and that the world as I knew it had changed. Someone, unbeknown to me, had changed the course of history. Instead of the human race evolving to be the dominant species on earth, bears had taken that role and their thirst for human blood seemed unquenchable. Guided by the Fist of Awesome, I had but one thing to do – defeat these evolved bears and restore the timeline to its original state. How would I do this? Well by punching the s#*t out of every last bear, that’s how!


The Fist of Awesome is an interesting game to say the least. Brought to us by Indie developers ‘I Fight Bears’, their name pretty much sums up the game. Fist of Awesome is a game for manly men who aspire to be a bearded lumberjack. Graphically this game can sometimes look like a pixelated mess, but it is surprisingly easy to know what’s happening on screen. The gameplay is very responsive and the controls make it very easy to make good use of the full range of attacks on offer. The game also provides a good level of humor that doesn’t seem forced. I often found myself quickly wanting to take screen-shots to capture hilarious moments throughout the campaign.

Though the campaign may be short, the ability to continuously level up, as well as a host of unlockable characters, means that there is plenty of reasons to play again. While it may be a bit too expensive at £2.50 it is by no means a waste of money. My advice? Definitely play this game, but maybe wait until it gets a bit cheaper.