FIFA’s faults

I’ve recently started up FIFA again, not that I’d particularly left it. FIFA is probably the biggest franchise I’ve invested time into, perhaps on par with World of Warcraft, CoD and the Football Manager series. FIFA is a game I love to play, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have invested so much time, energy, money, blood and tears into playing it, but there are a lot of faults with it.

Youth System: One of my favourite aspects actually, as it means I’m able to encorporate more of my FM mentality and tactics into the game, putting youth in the first team to get experience as well as searching for the best youth talent I can find. FIFA’s youth system isn’t quite up to scratch. Although, there is a chance you’ll find an absolute stud who should be at Barcelona at 16, you more than often are inundated with youth that start in their low 50s. I have no problem with working their way up, but when you think that at most you’ll get 5 or 6 levels up in a year of FIFA, these players aren’t going to be first team worthy for several years, which is a bit long to wait in several saves, putting the whole point of having it pointless unless you only bring in the highest quality that comes once a year if you’re lucky, very lucky. It’s not just this that they’ve got wrong though, on more than one occasion, I’ve produced an outfield youth product that will wear goalkeeper trousers all the time. Well, except for the times that these trousers mean that he has no legs on the screen. What makes this worse, is that it’s a known bug in FIFA that EA Sports are, and were, well aware of. So it really raises the question, what the hell do they take us for?

I’ve began a new manager mode save playing as TSV 1860 Munich with a friend, searching for promotion from the 2. Bundesliga to the Bundesliga. Now, while I’m wholeheartedly enjoying this, playing with a friend on manager mode definitely adds a dimension, we’ve found quite a few big gaps in FIFA.

Tackling: It seems that no matter who or when or how many times we tackle someone, the ball goes straight back to either that same player or to a player in so much space that they tear you a new one. This is especially frustrating when you’re playing on Professional, so it’s not supposed to be too difficult to win the ball or, when we do end up with it, we either give away a straight free-kick, or we give away an advantage. The shoe also goes on the other foot, in a way. Several times, we’d get blatantly fouled and nothing would be given, bloody game. The one that sticks in my mind most was getting to the ball before the defender and getting standing tackled in the box so my player went flying, losing the ball and not being granted a penalty.

Offsides: Perhaps one of the most controversial points in real football, offsides are too ‘precise’. Now, I don’t expect the offsides to be wrong, or the program to put in a 0.01% failure rate, but what I don’t want is for my player to be between the oppositions legs and that count as offside due to the front leg of the defender being past mine. Number of occasions this has happened is past it being humorous.

Touches: It seems that, unless you play in the top tier of leagues, then FIFA presumes that the players can’t kick a football properly. Sometimes, they’ll receive a pass, take a touch and the ball ends up 10 meters in front or off the pitch. If this aint the case the pass will literally fly off the player and go to the other team. The acceleration of the players at times matches this. Of course not all players in the lower leagues will be as fast as the players good enough to play in the Bundesliga for example, but this doesn’t mean they’ll all be as fast as a 60 year old.

Referees: This problem is not league-specific, just a problem with the game as a whole. The positioning of referees is always a pain in the ass. It seems that no matter what way you intend to attack the opposition the referee moves in the way, and although he may jump over the ball on the majority of cases, it’s still annoying that he’s in the way. As well as this, it’s also a pain when you’re trying to tackle the opponent, with the computer often using the referee as a blocker to your players which always leads to a swift attacking move from your opponents.

Difficulty curve: One minute you’ll be all over your opponent, absolutely dominating, the next the computer does a magical 10 pass one-touch move with a crazy cross that, with pinpoint accuracy, ends up in the opposition strikers path for a goal. There’s no warning, no reason for it, but it hits you suddenly. There’s other times when the opposition will literally stand off you and let you shoot, as if it’s been paused whilst you continue. The swing between these two leaves you so confused you don’t know what type you’ll be getting next!

Anyway, these are some of my faults I’ve discovered whilst picking up FIFA again. Had any different ones to this? let us know.