FIFA 16 – Predictions On The Potential Top Young Player Ratings

If there’s one thing that gets me excited for a new instalment of FIFA, it’ll be the Career mode. Every year I’ll do the same thing, manage a League 1/2 team and take them to the Premiership – where fame and glory awaits. It never gets old, well, for me anyway. If you’re inclined to do the same thing, you’ll probably know that the key to the success of any League 1/2 manager with Premiership dreams is young players. Every year I’ll look around for the hot new talent, who won’t break the bank, to join my team and take us to the height of the English game. So, just to keep my excitement for the new game going, I thought I’d scout out some young talent that might help me fulfil my dreams in FIFA 16.

Obviously, this is all speculative. There’s no way that I’d know which players will have the highest potential in FIFA 16 – but I can most certainly take a few educated guesses. I’m going to break these up by position, with one or two obvious choices and one or two less obvious selections. Enjoy!


The obvious choices here would be Courtois and De Gea. They’ll definitely be highly rated goalkeepers in FIFA 16, and they’ll have tonnes of potential too. But, surprisingly enough, they might be out of the budget of most lower league managers. So my pick for the goalkeeper position would have to be Simone Scuffet. This 19 year old Italian goalkeeper currently plays for Udinese, and in 2014 he was pretty much their no. 1 GK. This year, however, he’s slipped to no. 2 for the club. Still, he’s been rated as one of the 100 best young players, and top 10 best young goalkeepers by various institutions, so he definitely has a lot of potential. I’m going to have a vague guess of a potential somewhere between 84-88 overall, and he’ll definitely be a bit of a bargain if you pick him up early on in your career.


The two players that I usually go for, year in year out, are John (Joss) Stones and Kurt Zouma. They’re usually not too expensive, and you can often get them on a loan deal for your club in the first couple of years. In FIFA 16, however, I have a feeling that both of these players are going to be highly rated from the off. Zouma has already had a few games for Chelsea last season and Stones is being toted as a possible replacement for Terry or Cahill in the centre of Chelsea’s back four, so I’d imagine that a low league manager will struggle to gain the services of either of these players. A couple of other good shouts, who will also probably cost you a pretty penny, would be Liverpool’s Nathaniel Clyne and Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin. Both of these players will probably cost less than Zouma and Stones, but they’ll set you back a fair chunk – particularly Clyne, who’s locked down a starting position for Liverpool.

A cheaper option would probably be Tin Jedvaj, who spent last season on loan at Bayer Leverkusen. He gained 14 starts and managed to score two goals, and the German team were so impressed that they signed him up for the coming season. He’s definitely a hot prospect, so he’s one to snap up early if you can afford him! I could easily see him reaching the high 80s in FIFA 16. Another name that I heard a lot last year was Sam Byram, from Leeds. He had a lot of potential on FIFA 15, and I reckon that he’ll maintain that potential in this year’s instalment.


In midfield, over the years, I usually tend to rely on players like Januzaj, Chamberlain, Hoilett, Redmond, Draxler and Pogba, but they’ve all established themselves in the starting line-up of their respective teams – so I won’t be relying on them for much longer. If you can afford any of those players, I’d recommend each and every one of them. Junior Hoilett (QPR), whilst a little older, is still pretty decent and shouldn’t set you back too much, plus he usually reaches 82-84 overall. Nathan Redmond (Norwich), might be a little cheaper too, and he’s got bags of potential, reaching the high 70s quite early on.

But, if you’re looking for someone a little less expensive, I’ve spotted a few pre-season talents who might be worth a purchase. As an Arsenal fan, I’ve been watching their youth players, and we’ve got a few great talents coming through in midfield. Dan Crowley, Gedion Zelalem, and Jeff Reine-Adelaide will all be worth investing in, for sure. Crowley can ping a ball for miles, and has a mean free-kick. Zelalem could thread a ball through the eye of a needle and Reine-Adelaide has blistering pace (and ruined Kevin De Bruyne in a pre-season friendly). All three of those players will probably reach the mid 80s at their peak. But, if you’re not looking for an Arsenal contingent in your squad, a good shout would be Hakan Çalhanoglu, another player from Leverkusen. He might be a little pricey, but he’ll definitely be worth every penny. He’ll probably be rated quite highly already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t reach the lofty heights of the high 80s by the time he’s at his peak.


Over the past few years, I’ve been heavily reliant on the services of Lukaku as the centre of my attack. But he’s going to be pretty pricey this year, so I can’t see me opting for him again. Harry Kane would be the most obvious option here, with Berahino offering a lot of potential, too. Another good call could be either Chuba Akpom or Yaya Sanogo, both from Arsenal. I also love to purchase a player called Leandro, a Brazilian forward on loan at Santos. He’s also a tad pricey, but he’s worth it in the long run. Last season’s best buy was Mitrovic, but Newcastle have gone and ruined the party by buying him – and he won’t be anywhere near as cheap as he once was. Leandro always reaches a peak of about 84, so he’s a solid option. Sanogo usually peaks around 79, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Akpom reaches the low to mid 80s. Mitrovic would probably be the best bet for a highly rated striker though, and he has a physical presence that will make him a force to be reckoned with. Another good shout could be Lacazette, currently at Lyon. Last season he was banging them in for fun, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a finishing potential of 85-90 in FIFA 16.

Which players are you most looking forward to developing in your Career mode on FIFA 16? Let me know in the comments below!