Family Guy update – Adventure Peter!

This June will bring a decent amount of activity for Gamers…Games with Gold will finally be launched, PS + continues its assault of bringing free games to every console, both Murdered: Soul Suspect and Sniper Elite 3 are released, oh and this tiny thing called E3. So, bringing an update to the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is hardly as big or groundbreaking as that, but it does add much needed new content and gameplay to a game that had reached its end for me. The update is subtitled “Peter Griffin and the Kingdom of the Full Moon”, adding the beloved character Cleveland Brown, as well as a new collectible, “Golden butts”.

photo 1

As well as this, we see the addition of a grand pyramid smack bang in the Griffin’s backyard, with new quests such as getting Cleveland free, repairing the Museum and many more. As well as this, there’s the usual collection of objects to free Cleveland from quicksand, as well as for a new costume, called Adventure Peter. Some of the items needed for Cleveland Brown to be free are odd to say the least – 5 ‘bathtubs’, 25 ‘inner tubes’ and 40 ‘canteens’ as well as moon idols and a whip it move to be performed by Adventure Peter.

There doesn’t seem to be that much new for free, however, there are a few buildings that require a number of clams to claim – these often return some items needed for Adventure Peter or Cleveland Brown, but doesn’t seem to be as beneficial as the clam cost. There are a few new tasks that can be given to the majority of the cast, with the number of tasks now far outnumbering that in The Simpsons Tapped Out.

photo 2

What I really like about the update is the page that you can view the…overview of the Kingdom of the Full Moon. The time remaining and score are easily viewable as well as the tabs being very responsive and showing clearly what’s new and what your progress is in the Adventure. The Pyramid shows that this will last one week, but the Adventure page shows that this event is a month – hinting that either this part of the Adventure will last one week, or the Pyramid will unlock something after a week for the remaining 3 weeks. Whatever it is, hopefully it adds enough hours to keep us playing this game, as well as hopefully opening up District 8 and 9, so we can finally get our hands on Stewie, Carter and Tom Tucker.