Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy. A franchise that encompasses television, film, video games, the list goes on. As a man who enjoyed Tapped Out for longer than most, this game appeals to me – especially as someone who has spent many hours watching the events at Quahog unfold. It’s listed as a free-to-play game, but, as with many app games nowadays, it’s of course free with the ability to purchase items to speed up the game, unlock extra characters and so forth. Cash is exchanged for either coins or clams, which you need for new buildings and clearing areas whilst clams additionally speed up tasks; although some items are ridiculously priced; for example, a version of the Stewie dictator statue seen in the show is 150,000 coins … a ridiculous amount. In the event of the player being willing to pay for a lot of coins, this amount is not even realistic. 51,000 coins costs £70/$140. So, if you need to buy 3 of these, the player would have to spend £210 or $420. What a disgusting bloody joke. I mean c’mon developers … if you’re going to put stuff in for people to buy, at least make it valid in some way. And, unlike Simpsons: Tapped Out, there’s no weekly mystery box that gives you a random item, so the only way to get this item is to pay that disgusting price or save up; now I’m quite far into the game, and overnight I seem to get about 3000 coins. Which, through quests, are spent pretty much every day, so no saving at all … but if I did, it would take me 50 days of just saving up to get that statue, during which time I’d definitely get bored of saving.

The Quest for Stuff has an appropriate name for this sort of game. It is, quite simply said, a game to get more stuff. In a similar start to Tapped Out, the town is completely destroyed, allowing you to reshape, reorganise and distribute the town as you wish – there’s not really another way to begin these sorts of games. The Quest for Stuff contains many of your favourites from the hit comedy show, with Peter, Lois and family as well as Quagmire, Joe and Bonnie, and Mort with many more there – the initial number of characters is 21, with more to come I’m sure.

IMG_6444Straight away, you’re brought into the world of comedy through jokes, interactions between characters and even reading the tasks you are able to do, as well as a social media site they’ve created called FaceSpace, which characters update once unlocked and every time they lever thereafter. It’s a nice bit of additional interaction with the characters in the game and some of the posts they do are genuinely funny – for example, Quagmire says about a soup kitchen with the tagline “first serve-first come. Giggity”, something you can imagine him saying during an episode or Jake Tucker calling himself the #niphunter.

Gameplay is identical to that of Tapped Out, but for those who didn’t play that or simply can’t remember because they’ve played too many games since then, it’s a simple assign-a-task game and wait for the time to pass before coming back to it, whether it be a simple hour task, or you’ve sent them off for the whole day. The tasks vary from character to character, such as Mort being able to “Obsessively count cash” for 12h, Herbert “Declaring love for Chris” for 1h and so on, with the rewards granting more money and xp based on how long it’s taken to do that task. However, using the example above, repeating the 1h task 12 times will give more xp and cash than the 12h task, but obviously the 12h task is more handy if you know you can’t play for a while, if say, sleep or work get in the way. There’s also the ability to have two characters do some tasks together – such as Mort and Peter “Do Peter’s taxes” for 6h, or Peter and Jerome doing “Ethnic handshake” for 2h together.

photo 3

As well as this, the characters unlock more tasks when you unlock different outfits for them, such as Crackhead Peter being able to rip out his eye for 6h or Golden Suit Peter polishing himself for 6h or doing the robot for 12h. However, to unlock these additional outfits, you must use different objects you unlock from different tasks, which vary on how often they drop – stupidly (in my opinion), the ones that require more time are often more rare, which infuriates me to no end. Many outfits rely on eye shadow, which requires 5 or 6 per outfit. Peter takes 6h to do his task for it, and the horse takes 15h, as well as dropping from some buildings, but I’ve only had 4 drop so far and I set the characters able to have it drop do those tasks repeatedly. 3 of my outfits I’m waiting to craft, Peter’s Hooker outfit, Chris’ Goth look and Quagmire in his speedos (I have absolutely NO idea why this requires eye shadow) and have all the other items for these. I have 12 outfits to unlock at the moment, with more due once I unlock other characters, but I’ve only been able to craft 3 so far down mostly to this poxy Eye Shadow drop rate. Other outfits, Navy Quagmire or Rambo Lois specifically in my mind, require items completely different to the norm which is cool as it shows a diversity in items.

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The choice of buildings and decorations is quite cool, but I’ve not really built too much outside of those that I need to as I continuously seem to have a list of quests to work through, not that I’m complaining about this mind. When I first downloaded the game, there was an additional ability to visit your friends versions of Quahog, but that’s been removed temporarily, I’m guessing to fix bugs that I didn’t test out. Overall, this game’s good to have on the side if you enjoy Quahog and don’t mind leaving tasks while you do other stuff; which is exactly fitting for me, seeing as that way I can play other games and come back to this one here and there. You won’t be crying out that you’ve found the best game ever, but you can find some fun in this game and there’s no major need to spend money on it’s Freemium stuff, just try to ignore it! Don’t forget, playing the game without wifi will eat into your data allowance, so bare that in mind!