Is Fallout Shelter Really An Xbox One Game?

Technically, Fallout Shelter is a console game. But should it be? Let me explain.

I was exploring the Store the other night, and stumbled across Fallout Shelter. It was a game that I never actually got around to playing, despite it being right up my alley. So I was pleased to see it on the Xbox Store – even more pleased because it’s free!

Fallout Shelter isn’t built for consoles

I downloaded it and started playing. It’s definitely a good game – I can see why people spent so much time on it last year. I mean, I really enjoyed Fallout 4, so an extension of that is fine by me. But after playing the game for half hour or so, I wondered if it was truly built for consoles. Because, technically, it wasn’t.

A fairly large Fallout Shelter

Games like Fallout Shelter aren’t really supposed to be played like your usual console title. You can’t sit and play Fallout Shelter for three or four hours, because that’s not how you’re supposed to play it. It’s a game built to be played on the move – as a periphery to your every day life. You’ll play games like that on the train, or the bus. Or whilst sitting on the toilet.

But it does work well on the Xbox One

That’s not to say that Fallout Shelter doesn’t work well on the console. If anything, it works perfectly. It’s easy to control, the menus are simple to navigate and it’s the perfect title to switch on and play whilst doing other tasks. Such as editing videos. Catching up on your Netflix shows. Or whilst writing an article about whether or not Fallout Shelter is truly a console game.

A dweller trying to find survivors in Fallout Shelter

But there seems to be an increase in mobile like games coming to console. Some of which are pretty decent titles. Games like Sparkle 2 or Peggle are fantastically fun titles, which I enjoy playing on console, but would be more usually found on a mobile device. But they’re great games, just like Fallout Shelter, so they should have a place on console for those who fancy it.

For me, it’s all about the price. If these sorts of games are under £5, or free like Fallout Shelter, then I’m all for it. If I have a spare ten or twenty minutes to kill, and I can’t be bothered to play a full game of Battlefield 1. Or get engrossed in Skyrim. It’s in those times that games like these are perfect.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

  • ShowanW

    Why was this article even written?…

  • ShowanW

    Why was this article even written?…