Fallout Shelter – IM PLAYIN review

This week marks E3, as I’m sure every single one of you is aware. Yesterday saw the first press conference, from none other than Bethesda with Fallout 4 being one of the most eagerly anticipated announcements I’ve ever seen. To coincide with the new gameplay and information being released about Fallout, Bethesda saw fit to also release a new mobile game to stores – titled Fallout Shelter. It’s currently out on iOS

Fallout Shelter sees you become a Vault Overseer, the number of which you can choose. From here, the goals are quite simple, keep the people who come to your shelter, your Dwellers, alive, whilst maintaining food, water and power. This starts with a Diner, Power Generator, Water treatment plant and living quarters and gradually more rooms are available to be built based on the number of dwellers in your vault, which randomly appear at your front gate from time to time. Characters can both level up and die within the game, mostly due to incidents occurring, such as fires, which I first experienced trying to rush through a diner order. It gives a likelihood of an incident in %, but I’m unsure if this goes down over time, or not, due to the only times I checked were when I was running low on food, which had become that way due to an incident.

There are two types of currency – bottle caps which is how you buy more rooms and Vault-Tec lunch boxes, in which you can get types of weapons and resources needed to survive. With these weapons you can send out some dwellers to go exploring, with their chances of survival based on their outfit and weapon score. When exploring, you choose when to recall the explorer, plus you can read the story as it goes along – I waited about 7 minutes before recalling my first attempt to explore the outside world, due to his soles ‘wearing down’ as he said, and I didn’t want to risk the life of the first explorer of Vault 112. The lunch boxes also unlock additional dwellers, which is just as well as once I hit 12 dwellers, my supply seemed to run dry – these dwellers also start off higher than level 1 which is very handy. The key attributes of your dwellers depends what you want them to do/need them to do, it’s always best to put them where there best stat is but thats not always the option you have to take – for example, I had someone with high intelligence and medium strength working in a power generator (strength), because I needed that output to go up higher than the intelligence output, which is the medbay, the output of which is a resource for exploring, the same goes for the Science lab, which are unlocked at 14 and 16 dwellers respectively.

I’m going to put it out there, although it’s early days, it seems like this game is going to have plenty of replay factor although I’m unsure how much the timing of when to open your lunch boxes will come into – seeing as they give resources at key times.