EuroGamer: A Lot to Look Forward to

Last Sunday, IM PLAYIN visited the Euro Gamer Expo in merry old London. To say that it was exciting would be an understatement. The building was bursting to the brim with new tech, revolutionary games and next-gen goodies, as well as thousands of dedicated gamers. The atmosphere was electric and you could cut the levels of excitement with a knife. We found some real gems to look forward to this year, so here’s what we at IM PLAYIN can’t wait to play!

DSC_0760 (1)

What can we say about the next-generation of games consoles? Before playing either, our opinions have been divided. Some think that the PS4 has the upper hand, others feel as though the One is the superior console. Well, after playing both, we’re still undecided. As far as consoles go, they’re both incredibly similar. There was little, if no difference between the graphics and the games ran well and looked fantastic. The Kinect looked impressive, picking up on the slightest movements on Kinect Sports Rivals and functioning perfectly well even with a non-player standing behind you. This could edge the Xbox One past the PlayStation 4, but then it all depends on whether you agree that the Kinect is worth an extra £100. Overall, it would take a lot for one to pass the other at this early stage and it’s likely that a clear winner won’t be decided until a few years down the line. But, we must say that we were particularly impressed by Ryse: Son of Rome. The graphics were smooth and clear and the co-op mode that we got our hands on was ‘quick-time’ free! So there seems to be some real potential in this title.

IMG_20130929_132129 (2)

There were a number of games on show at the expo, and we would have needed a full weekend to play them all. One real highlight was the latest Batman: Arkham Origins. Gameplay wise there were very few changes since the last title, other than a few new gadgets and what seems like a much larger game world. The demo was short and sweet, giving you the opportunity to glide around buildings, fist-fight groups of enemies and sneak around in the characteristic leather suit. It seems that Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be serving up what we have already grown to love from this Batman series, with a few new villains and great new tech to boot.

Another ‘fave’ comes in the form of Dying Light, another published by Warner Bros. This game will be across all platforms, including the next-gen, and is set to be a real contender for ‘best zombie game’. It has combined the best aspects of DeadIsland, Mirrors Edge and Brink to form a real heavy hitter. The demo was impressive, allowing the player to utilize their surroundings to get the better of those undead foes, free running and jumping out of the way and slicing those zombies to pieces. It has the potential to be as good as Dead Rising 3, but it’s still early days.


The Lego series has really come into its own in recent years, with some masterfully adapted movie titles in their repertoire. The latest instalment in the series comes in the form of Marvel Superheroes, and it’s a welcomed addition at that! The graphics have been fine tuned to a beautiful quality and the gameplay has been smoothed out, feeling less clunky than previous titles. The characters are, as always, unique with TT Games allowing us to get our hands on Iron Man, Spider Man and, (most impressive of the bunch), Hulk. As always, each character has their own unique abilities, but the ‘Hulk Smash’ method of playing is both entertaining and looks stunning. Lego Marvel Superheroes is shaping up to be a real hit for children of all ages (5-85)

But there are tonnes of other titles to look out for: Watchdogs, Elder Scrolls Online, Beyond Two Souls (which boasts the voice acting prowess of Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page), Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4, just to name the tiniest number of the fantastic games that are on their way. You can check out the full list here: It’s safe to say that the next few months of 2013 and the rest of 2014 is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster.

If you have any questions about what we saw and what we liked (or didn’t), then don’t hesitate to drop us a comment in the section below!