Epic Meal Time

It’s Epic Meal Time!! As a lover of the YouTube phenomenon, the Epic Meal Time app game was seen as a must buy. The game is in a style reminiscent of Fruit Ninja, except instead of slicing the food, the objective is to chuck as much meat as possible at Harley, The Sauce Boss, whilst disposing of the veg. By making the notorious Sauce Boss eat the same type of food, you earn a multiple bonus, a quick and easy way to earn more dollar and score to go towards unlocking more and more goodies. Internet money earned through higher scores etc, can be spent on “Swag”, different types of Hats that each have different bonuses, “Food”, which have higher amounts of fat and calories, making bigger and bigger scores more realistic the more you play, and “F**k salad”, allowing you to have different backgrounds to play in, such as a Deadmau5 background.


One of my favourite things about the YouTube series is the different catchphrases used at the end of each episode; “Next time, we eat Glass/Racoons/Tampons/Ramadan” and so on, something incorporated once you’ve used all your lives. In the game, is a further mini-game; certain unlockable foods, such as the “Quaterback Burger”, “Turbacon”, “Meat Cthulu”, allow the player to go crazy tapping the screen as much as possible in an allotted amount of time in order to get a high combo score. Rumour is, that soon Molecube and the EpicMealTime team will release an update, allowing players to use different characters from the series, such as the popular Muscles Glasses, something that would really add another dimension to the game.


This game is fun, and cheap, being one of the few apps I’ve actually decided to buy.  It’s hard to make this game sound fun to those who aren’t fans of EMT, but it’s easy to pick up, fun to play, and helps pass the time.

And remember guys, F**k salad.