EGX 2014 – a round up from another fantastic show

Last weekend the IM PLAYIN crew, (minus one or two members), were at EGX in London. This year was our first with press tickets, which was incredibly exciting… mostly because of the fact that we even qualified as ‘press’. Last year’s event was dominated by the next-generation of games consoles, so the PS4 and Xbox One really stole the show. This year, however, it was all about the games – and boy were there some great games.

The two big players this year were Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Evolve; both of which had some of the longest queues. Dragon Age: Inquisition was another game with a hefty queue time, but that wasn’t necessarily because the game was incredibly popular, but more because the demo ran for over half an hour. Battlefield Hardline was also grabbing its fair share of the audience, with games like The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, Sunset Overdrive, The Order 1886 and Bloodborn following close behind. There were also big crowds at Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4 and the Oculus Rift was getting a lot of attention. Overall, there were a lot of people at the show, but there was a hell of a lot of excitement about the fantastic games coming out over the next few months. We’ve been trying to write short articles on all of the games that we played at the show, so make sure to just search ‘EGX’ in our search tab on the site to find all of our coverage of the show. Here, however, I just wanted to write a few words about this year’s event.

As it transpires, this year’s EGX was actually the last time the show was in London, (for a while at least), as next year the expo will be moving to Birmingham. That’s great news for the organisers, because it’ll be a bigger venue. It’s also good for most of the audience, because it’ll be more central (to England / the UK, that is). Still, I’m a little sad that EGX is moving away from its London home at Earls Court. I’ve got some really fond memories of the event at that building, but, I’m really excited to see the expo bigger and better than ever before, next year, in Birmingham. Plus, I’ve never been to Birmingham, so that’ll be nice. As for EGX 2014, however, it has been an experience that I’ll never forget.

One of the best aspects of the expo is the atmosphere, which has always been electric and buzzing with excitement, but even more so this year. My favourite part of the day (or two days, this year) is talking to fellow gamers about games who are, more often than not, complete strangers. The event seems to have this weird power to make almost every person there a casual acquaintance – especially when queuing in line for almost two hours to play COD or Evolve. We chatted to a number of wonderful and interesting people about the games they had been playing and what they thought about the event in general. The overall feeling was one of awe and excitement, and everyone said how much they were enjoying the show. I think you would have struggled to find a bad word (unless you asked someone which console they preferred, or if they were a COD or Battlefield fan… or asked them how long they had been queuing.