E3 Ticket’s Go On Public Sale For The First Time

E3 is the biggest event in the gaming calendar. Not only do we get to see the latest game announcements, but it is also the time where the press can get hands on with the top games coming out over the next year. Until now, this momentous event has only been open to the gaming press and industry professionals, but not this year!

For the first time, E3 will be selling ticket to the public. Starting on Feb 13, 15,000 tickets will go on sales, with the first 1,000 costing $149 and the rest then selling for $249.

E3 is a great chance to get your hands on the latest games!

While this move is great for the average gamer, who until now hasn’t had the change to attend the show, it does spark speculation as to why E3’s management are making this move. With publishers continuing to move away from the event in favour of their own shows, making E3 a more public event may just be the best way to ensure continued growth.

If you are interested in picking up a ticket, they will do on sale at E3’s official site.