E3 Pick – Dragon Age: Inquisition

It has been a bloody spiffing E3 this year, bloody spiffing indeed. There has been a tonne of amazing looking games shown at the expo, from Crackdown to Uncharted, a new Tomb Raider game, another Halo, a fourth Sims game and all new titles such as Sunset Overdrive. We’re in for an incredible few years, and that’s without mentioning Star Wars Battlefront, Dead Island 2, Quantum Break, Mortal Kombat X, Mirror’s Edge 2 as well as oodles of decent looking indie games such as Wulverblade, Hyper Light Drifter, and Below to name but a few. Still, despite scores of amazing looking games, there’s still one that I’m more excited about than all of the others – Dragon Age: Inquisition. For me, Inquisition is my most hotly anticipated game of the year and I honestly can’t wait to play it come October.

There are many reasons for the building buzz in my belly for this game. One of them stems from my love for the original Dragon Age game, Origins. Origins was an incredible RPG, and takes a firm third in my ‘best RPGs of all time’ list, narrowly being pipped to the post by Oblivion (first) and Dragon’s Dogma (second). The second Dragon Age game was pretty poor, like, very poor. It was incredibly disappointing on quite a few levels, especially when you compare it to Origins. Thankfully, BioWare and EA have promised us that Inquisition will be much more like Origins rather than Dragon Age 2 – hence why it’s called ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ rather than ‘Dragon Age 3’, I think. Harking back to Origins is a very good thing, though from what I’ve seen, combat wise at least, it seems much more like Dragon Age 2. Origins was a classic RPG, whereas Dragon Age 2 felt a lot more like a medieval Mass Effect (though that’s probably something to do with it being a post Mass Effect 2 joint EA and BioWare project).


The combat seems to be more flowing than Origins, but more ‘realistic’ than the sequel. The combat is an integral part of any RPG, so I’m a little hesitant to see how it pans out in October. Still, it looks like well be facing a wide range of enemies, some of which look mighty epic (especially the dragons). There will be a variety of weapons, the same classes, skills and new races to choose from – including Human, Elf, Dwarf or Qunari (which I’m really excited about). One of the more exciting aspects of this game is that previous play-throughs of Origins, Awakening and Dragon Age 2 will affect the canon of Inquisition. They’re also boasting that we should be able to transfer save information cross generation, which will help make a more personal playing experience in Inquisition.

The game is promised to be over 50 hours long, just in the main quest (which is quite a promise) and it will have up to 40 major endings (which is another big promise) and it’s also believed that the Warden (from Dragon Age: Origins) and Hawke (from Dragon Age 2) will play a major role in Inquisition, which is very intriguing, especially the prospect of meeting my previous characters from the old games.


Style wise, it reminds me very much of Dragon’s Dogma – especially the use of different party members that are customisable with different armours and weapons. Graphically, it looks very impressive, as you would expect. Still, I’m quite looking forward to the day where we get games developed solely for the next-gen consoles, like Sunset Overdrive and Dead Island 2. That’s when we’ll really be impressed by graphics and the overall power of the games. Of course, that doesn’t make me any less excited for Inquisition, nor will it mean that I enjoy playing it any less.

Check out the videos above and let me know if you’re as excited for Inquisition as I am! If you are, tell me why, if not then same as.